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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This is what I used to prove bellaty8 wrong on her blog:

(Although the below is wrong, I suggest you read it if you want to know the truth and the whole story.)
A-O, here comes the hammer!
D’Caf, thanks for baking me up. If you don’t believe this stuff, than you know it’s true, u just don’t want to admit it because you love your false, make-believe thought.
Stop! Hammer time!
I will began by telling tons of proof to hammer down this topic. First, in the bible JESUS mentions many, many, many times returning to HIS FATHER. This may seem small but JESUS knows exactualy what HE’S talkin’ about. Your Roman Catholic. Don’t you say the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT after and before you pray? It’s your religeon. Gosh! John 3:16 quotes: For GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten SON… I don’t know about you but I’m seeing a lot of HIS, HE, and FATHER which are all talkin’ about GOD! Still havin’ doubt? JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT are boys right? Well aren’t JESUS, GOD, and the HOLY SPIRIT all the same person? Yes, they are. I think I’m backing’ this up real nice. Even if you want to hang on to your silly believe, I’m sure I almost changed everyone else’s mind, if their not people who can let go to false knowledge (gnostic). Do you ever say the are FATHER. Well it says, are FATHER; as in GOD. Look it up: Matthew 6:9. It mentions GOD is a boy many times in the bible. A few examples are: Revelation 19: 2,5,7, and 11. Moses wrote the first 5 books of the bible called the Pentetauch. They are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Dueteronomy. Oh, Moses isn’t a Jew like you said. He’s Hebrew/Egyptian. He later leaded the Jews though. He knows what he’s talkin’ about. He took JESUS up to heaven on a cloud with Elijah. Exodus 2:24 calls GOD a he. Moses wrote HE was a he many times and he heard and saw JESUS many many times. Need some examples? Moses saw GOD in the burning bush. Remember, he hid his face cuz he didn’t want to see GOD? (Exodus 3.) In the ten commandments he saw GOD as a he, and he saw and heard GOD many times more. I know my 10 commandments by the way. Do not have any other gods besides ME. Don’t misuse GOD’S holy Name. Keep holy the Sabbath . Honor your father and mother. Don’t kill. Don’t commit adultery. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Don’t covet your neighbors wife. Nor his goods. (Deuteronomy 5.) I did not break the 8th one. It is the truth that I believe and know that’s truth. I would say that it is my opinion so it’s not a lie but it’s not my opinion. It’s the truth. If you truly knew the bible you would know all this. You said that the bible was written by a whole bunch of Jews and they didn’t know what they were saying. Well you know what? It was made by a ton of great people who were inspired and told by GOD to write those things. And you know what? Your religeon book was made from the bible. The people got all there info from the bible. Every thing you here about GOD is from the bible. The bible is true. Don’t dis it. It’s GOD’S Word. Gosh! It’s remarkable you believe what you are sayin’ just to make GOD a girl. It isn’t a battle of the genders… it’s the truth! You know, the gnostic gospels (which aren’t true) say that girls have to become boys to get to heaven. What does that mean. First of all, the real bible treats the genders equal- GOD’S just a boy. Second I don’t know what the gnostic gospels are talking about. To get to heaven, you have to believe in GOD and believe JESUS died on the cross for your sins. I will talk about that more later. Surely are GOD is above all men, it’s not a battle of genders. You don’t have to believe GOD’S a girl because of a so called “battle”. It’s just the truth. Oh, if you have a Holy Place (a place to pray to GOD in private everyday), you read the bible, and you help GOD and trust in HIM, HE talks to you. Some people even see HIM. I’m not just talking about Moses, I’m talking about people of today. Go to www.prophecyclub.com for more info about that. Tell me if you can’t find it. I’m almost done. Above all though, just trust in GOD. Read the bible. Have a Holy Place. Save people to GOD. Believe JESUS died on the cross for are sins. Believe GOD created the heavens and the earth. Trust in the bible, not fake stuff like the gnostics, or the holy blood holy grail, or the book of mormon. It’s all fake. Stick with the bible. Please do the above and put your trust in GOD. He will help you with everything you do. Okay. About the topic. You may believe me. You may not. If you do, that’s great. Get out and start working for GOD. If you don’t believe me, well, you heard a lot of stuff that you know is true. You probably trust what I’m saying in general even if you do believe GOD is a girl. If you want more info about the bible from me, a person who’s studied it since I was 3, that go to my blog at:
http://theflippingsweetblog.blogspot.com. Please, just work for GOD and do HIS will. Alright I’m done. Ask me if you have any questions.
Hammer out.
RC Hammer

RC Hammer

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sorry, I haven't made many posts lately. I will soon. Just have to untangle this... never mind. I will post all my links so you can click em and get there easily:

www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com My great Spanish teachers blog!!!
http://mchammer.blogspot.com MC Hammer's blog! You know, the rapper.
www.prophecyclub.com He's been told by GOD that he would save more people than BillyGra.
www.nintendo.com The latest updates from Nintendo. Gotta check out the wii movie.
www.michaelsavage.com The best guy in news radio around.
www.veggietales.com There's never been a show like....... Veggie Tales!!!
www.Godisgoodfrommetoyou.blogspot.com EPC, my good friend's, blog.
www.thegodisgreatblog.blogspot.com D'Caf my friend's blog.
www.evenmoreflippinsweetblog.blogspot.com SC Hammer my friend's blog.

That's all my links. My "arch nemisis' " blog is http://just-go-with-the-flow.blogspot.com. You can go there to back me up if you want. She's not nessasarly my arch nemisis, just on blogger. Pretty soon I will give her proof GOD'S a man and it will hammer down my case so hard that if you still doubt, than your..... crazy. I guess. Yeah, crazy. Oh well. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Friday, May 26, 2006

Agaisnt Me???

I understand some people are gonna be agaisnt me and my Word (GOD'S Word.) Well, if you are, comment on my blog, don't post on your own. Lofty Girl from my school made a blog today, and the first post was saying I'm wrong. She stuck with her knowledge, I stuck with the knowledge of GOD a.k.a, GOD'S Word. I went to her blog and commented a lot, and if you want full directions to her blog than I will comment em. On her blog she's called bellaty8. Kay, I already saved a lot of people on my blog... and I made one enemy! The bible says love your enemys but it also says if they are hungry feed em if they are thirsty give em somethin' to drink by doing this you will heap coals upon there head (Romans 12:20). That means to be nice to your enemys and GOD will make you automaticly win! Praise the good GOD!!!She said that no ones ever seen GOD our heard HIM speak. GOD does talk to people. HE'S talked to me once. There are also people who have, you might beleive this, there are people who have died and went to heaven and came back. I can't explain this real well. Go to www.theprophecyclub.com for a better explanation. Just listen to it on aduio. Now listnen. I don't won't anyone sayin' I'm wrong about that untill they listen to I died and went to heaven on the prophecy club. Not a word till ya listined to it. You wouldn't even understand inless you listened to it, so nothing you say concerning it's not real is true untill you listen to it. If bellaty8 ever comes back, I hope she reads this. I also hope that anyone who reads this stuff in anyway won't be offended. I'm jsut tryin' to get the truth out about GOD'S Word. Oh. I won't be here again for a few days. See ya in a few. GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


My friend D'Caf has a blog. It's www.thegodisgreatblog.blogspot.com. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


If you want to read all my posts, click May under archives. Thanks. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Revolution has changed it's name 2 wii.

Remember the Nintendo Revolution I was talkin' bout earlier. Name was changed to wii. Got a whole bunch of info bout wii in my new Nintendo Power magazine I got today. I got tons of info but since I'm a Super Smash Bros. fan, I will tell you about the new game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When the wii comes out, it will be on my top buyer list. The graphics are so awsome. There's Pit, and Wario, and Meta Knight, Nintendogs, and more! The wii's unique controller is sure to bring out the brawl. Wish I had more info for you. Go to www.smashbros.com for hopefully a movie and some more info. Oh, if you are new to this blog, we are trying to make Nintendo a Christian organization. Email Nintendo Power and tell em something that might make em a Christian place at pulse@nintendopower.com. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Matthew 25:14

Hey everybody. Go to Matthew 25:14 in your bible, read it, than come and read the rest.

Do you know what the talents are? There people. People that we have to save. If your a real Christian and a real follower of GOD then you should always be trying to save people to GOD. HE created you. It's the least that you can do. You could preach to people who don't know GOD or people who do know GOD but don't know the truth about HIM. You could even direct them to my blog, so they can read the truth. Use your talents to save talents (people, you know what I mean.) The mission should be clear. We got to save all the people here untill are time is up. GOD will give you the strength, faith, knowledge, wisdom, and courage to save people if you ask HIM for it. Trust me. If you have any questions or anything, ask. Those who have ears, hear. GOD bless "U" all. Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!Alabar DIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pepino Legecy

My Spanish teacher, Pepino Suave, has been given by me, best blog award. He is the greatest Spanish teacher you could ever hope to have. May GOD bless him. He has given my whole class a second language in which we can speak better than ever before. Kids like Dan who use to never pay attention are learning greatly new Spanish. New kids Kaylee and EPC have accelerated so greatly in Spanish that it seems they have been in his class for as long as anyone else has 4 years or less. Lots of other people are getting a great Spanish education too like: Dominic, Keegan, Gianiania, Lofty Girl- I mean Isabella, Katie, Sam, and more. Even Kyle seems to be learning a lot (I kid Kyle). You see, in Pepino Suave's class, he basses it on one thing: fun. He let's us play games, watch TV, do plays, and many more fun things. I draw Bob the Gorrila (his boss) comics and they are posted on his blog. 3 years ago I never thought I would be doing that. He has made us all improve so much, I am glad to have awarded him my first anual best blog award. Thank you Pepino Suave, for a great Spanish education. May GOD bless you. Hats off to Pepino Suave!!! Pepino Suave es numbre uno!!! Praise GOD!You got to follow the Pepino Legecy man. It's the Pepino factor!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

PS: If you would like to see Pepino Suave's award winning blog, then it's:

My Only Problem...

My only problem right know is that so many people don't even know the real GOD and the real faith. I got to get the news out. The da stupid code and the dumb un true holy blood grail and so many other tricks and wrong things in general that you wouldn't beleive is false. Please just stick with my word. Don't let other people tell you the difference with GOD. If you have any questions please ask. Really, I know so much more than I'm posting. Ask about other things please! I have been studying the bible since I was 3, I know what I'm talkin' bout. Not diamonds on the souls of shoes GOD!!! Lord I ask that you hear what I'm sayin'. LOrd I'm prayin' that you give me and anyone else who visits this blog to get the Word of truth and to rest in YOUR Holy Presence forever. Please GOD. Guide all the people who's screwed up faith may mess up their eternity forever be guided to my blog. LORD I pray that I get the Word out and make me one of the people who helps. LORD, I surrender. Take my soul, GOD. Help me to save tons and tons of souls to YOU, my almighty FATHER. I beleive YOU gave YOUR SON and that HE died on the cross for my sins. I bleive in YOU and that YOU created everything. I love you GOD. Please give anyone who's willing strength to save people to you. LORD, bless us all and give us strength to hold on and work for YOU. In GOD'S holy Name, amen. GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Sow Seeds (I hope I spelled sow right)

Does any of you know what sowing is as in sowing seeds. It's when you give somebody something and the you ask GOD for something and HE gives it to you. Or HE could just give you double of what you sowed. Like you gave away 10$ and GOD gives you back 20$ or more. Or give 10$ and ask for something and then if it's GOD'S Will HE will give you what you want. Be careful when you sow though not to let anyody know what your doing. Liiikkkeee if you go give some 99 year old something to eat, make sure nobody sees you and says what a good person you are and stuff. Hypocrits do that. GOD hates hypocrisy. If you do that than "your a good person" is all your gonna get for a reward instead of GOD with all the bling payin you back. You know JESUS was- had tons of money more then Bill Gates. Daniel told people (wise man) to hold all the money intill you see a star... and gold franksense and mere, well, there was a lot of gold ... They gave HIM more than one piece of gold... JESUS didn't have a job when HE preached but HE aforded everything.. sorry. Didn't tell the story very well but that's cuz I'm gettin' a little of subject. Anyway, the bible says don't put GOD to the test, but you can test HIM for one thing... If you sow a seed, it's like testing GOD to see if HE will do it. And it's a good thing, GOD likes it. So sow seeds and believe that GOD can do it and whatever you sowed for will be yours. GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Links

I will post my links below so you can click em and get there faster. GOD bless "U"!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.


RC Hammer / Coco Loco

PS: Listen to the prophets at the prophecy club. All their data is amazing and correct. Listen to em at real on thier website if you want.

STPTRMBAHTAOG (that stands for something)

Hey, if you like my blog, tha spread the word! Tell everyone to come to this blog. It will save people to GOD!!! Help GOD'S army and suggest http://theflippingsweetblog.blogspot.com to anybody. Email it to people if you want. Just please: Help!!! GOD bless "U" and help "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
!Alabar DIOS!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


Hey everyone. The below post was from me, sorry I didn't make a title. I'm sort of rushed for time so I will make this short. Go to my good friends blog, EPC, at:
GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

People have been calling me a genious in what I am writting. I thank you all and ask you to praise GOD. I may be wise, but it is GOD who gives me wisdom. I made this blog as a follow up to Pepino's and to help save people to Christ. Please ask me any questions you have. One recently asked question is where is heaven. I will answer that right now. In science, there is a thing called heavens. Were in the first one right here. There just all the are space, much like the atmosphere. They are just a scientific term. Well, heaven is in the 7th heaven. Nuber 7 is really high up. So please just ask if you have any questions. Trust in GOD. Read the bible. Hang on. Cool. GOD can do anything so don't worry. Oh, remind me to right about the bible codes later. Praise GOD! GOD bless "U" all!!! Oh, stay away from the Da Vinchi code.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Can't Keep A Good Man Down

There so much arguing, hate, poverty, and more. The thing with Mexico, Iraq. So much going on. So much to pray for. My advice is to stick with GOD and work for HIM and also: relax! GOD is in control. GOD can handle anything right? Right! If your not for HIM, your agaisnt HIM. If you are for HIM you are not agaisnt HIM. If you are not for HIM you are evil and will be put in darkness. If your for HIM and good, than your being tooken care of and your in GOD'S Hand. Don't worry. Relax. Have hope. Hang on. You for GOD aren't you? I am! I don't want to be for anyone else. You may say GOD doesn't love you cuz HE won't answer your prayer. That's not true. It's either it's not HIS Will or HE'S testing you or something and all you have to do is keep on praying. Maybe a bit of fasting here and there but just keep on praying. When you pray, you also have to beleive. If you don't beleive that GOD can do what your prayin' for than it won't happen. You say amen after you pray, right? Well, amen means I beleive. You got to beleive in what your prayin' for. GOD can do it. Just always stay with GOD. HE will never leave you and HE will never forsake you if you stay with HIM. Have hope, beleive, pray, read the bible. Guys, don't worry bout a thing. I've studied the bible for 9 years. I know my GOD is awesome and HE can do anything. Don't worry. GOD is with you always if you don't abanden HIM. Beleive.
GOD can do great things.
!Alabar DIOS!
Praise GOD!
Just beleive in GOD.
You can't keep a good man down.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Click May

Click May on archives to read all my posts. Hammer out. GOD bless "U"!

RC Hammer

PS: I got a new motto for anyone who want's to steal it:
$$$Bling Ain't My Thing!$$$


GOD is no girl

Have you been told our you believe that GOD could be a girl? Forget about it! I bet I can prove it to you that HE'S a boy in flipping 5 seconds (it actually depends on how fast you read...) Proof number one: In the Bible, GOD'S Word may I point out, HE said it HIMSELF cuz it's HIS Word, it says in the bible : For HE so loved the world that HE gave his only son... Is that proof enough for you? Do you need more? Are you tellin me to bring it? I'll bring it! Proof number 2: (I can prove this one using your faith agaisnt you.) Roman Catholics say the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT before they pray. Did you get it. They say the FATHER. They don't say the mother, do they. Are you all still deneying? If not, good but I will give you triple proof. Proof number 3: In the Bible (GOD'S Word) JESUS many times refers to HIS FATHER. I go to see my FATHER. Pray to the FATHER. Do you know what I'm saying. Don't ya know the words father an he mean a boy? If you still believe GOD could be a girl still, you need serious help. GOD help those who still deney. Okay, I hope I helped. GOD bless "U" all! Oh wait. If anyone of you has questions about anything or if someone wants to challenge me and say that I don't know what I am talking about then go ahead and comment. I will be able to prove you wrong doubters if it's GOD'S Will. Bring it! Oh, if anyone has a miracle story than you can post that to. Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Be A Christian!!!

Some say being a christian is boring sitting in church all day. Well as D'Caf learned it's not! You get to fight evil with the Power and Word of GOD! You get to fight evil. You get to save people from iternal fire.You get to play with the Sword of the Spirit! Just imagin trying to save people from a giant furnace while destroying a lot of bad guys with an over size sword. Doesn't it sound like fun? It does to me!!! Hammer out. GOD bless "U" all.

RC Hammer

Bottled Heat

Here is a song from a band called Bottled Heat. Don't question the band or anything (it's minor). Just enjoy it. Hammer out.

I'm Walking On Quick Sand Here by Bottled Heat

When I walk past all the "believers" who sin so much
I just wonder why we all sin so much
GOD brought us to life
but still we dis and doubt are LORD
for all HE'S done
(HE'S done good)
I'm walking on quick sand here, LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
I'm deeply troubled by all that I see
On TV, at school, anywhere you please
It's all just filled up with sin
are LORD helps to the end
but still we freely choose to sin
LORD I don't know where to begin
where all full of just sin
I'm walking on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
I keep wonderin' what are we doin'
GOD bless us every day
but still we for some reason we always stay
on the the side that hates GOD all day
I want to help I need to make things better
but even if I try
all the evil will stride all the pride
I'm walking on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
My life is screwed up
I need some tough
help from the LORD that gives me strength
we all need to just hang on now
I said we all just need to hang on know
(I know we do)
I'm walkin on quick said here LORD have mercy on my soul (R2x)
I now know what I'm doin here
we need to press on toward the goal
the prize that calls heavenward
we need to stop we need to breath
LORD GOD will help those who plead
thoose who think they need
only only only GOD
I tell you that's all we need
I walkin on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (R2x)
LORD JESUS take us free
cuz YOU are all we need
give us hope give us strength
to save all the evil ones who burn who gnash there teeth
LORD GOD thanks for savin me
I say thanks for hearin
thanks for hearin
my hum-ble call
for help when I need it now
everyone quick
time is almost up
surrender to HIM very quickly now
I'm walkin on quick sand here (R2x)
We are all walkin on quick sand here.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


My friend Abby's house burned down a few months ago and now they don't have anything. Everything was lost. I don't feel like tellin the story so just please pray for her. GOD Bless "U" all!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

6 Top Veggie Tales

Let's have a vote on the 6 best Veggie tales shows for no reason. Oh wait, I know. Let's have a whole bunch of voting thingys.Below I will post my vote and you guys can comment your votes...

My Vote For The 6 Best Episodes (Not including the movie):

6.King George and the ducky.
5. Where's GOD when I'm s-scared?
4.Larry Boy: The rumor weed.
3. David and the big pickle.
2. Josh and the big wall.
1. Madame Blueberry

My vote for the best 3 characters:

3. Jr.
2. Larry
1. Larry Boy

My vote for the best 2 songs in the Jonah movie:

1. In the belly of a whale and GOD of second chances.

5 Best silly songs with Larry:

5. The one were Larry's at a si-ky-a-tres.
4. Everyones got a water buffalo.
3. Cheese burger song
2. Pirates who don't do anything.
1. I don't know the name, but I thinks it's the crying abo song.

PS: These are just my votes.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

City Track Meet

I just got done with my last track meet called the city meet. I got 1st place on the 4 by 800 rely (a red white and blue ribbon), I got 6th on the 800 (were I got a medal), and I got a medal blessed by the Pope!!! Touch down!!! I didn't do very well on my long jumps though. I kept faulting by about a centimeter so I got 0. Oh well. Praise GOD I got all my other stuff though. Praise GOD!!! GOD bless "U" all!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Don't Pass Me By

Do Not Pass Me By By: MC Hammer


This is one of my favorite MC Hammer songs. It was in the CD 2 Legit 2 Quit and MC Hammers Best Of.

RC Hammer

What Does RC Stand For...

"A"Day a go someone asked (told) me that MC stood for Master Ceremony. He told me that RC didn't make sense. Well, RC is just an imitation of MC but I just said that it stood for Righteous Ceremony. I guess it worked. See ya! GOD bless "U"!!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

PS: Someone tapped me today and said "Your it, I quit!" Well I responded "I'm 2 Legit 2 Quit!" Ha ha, showed them...

Basket Bra-Bra-Brawl!!!

Today at school everyone played Basket Ball and eventually it turned into a Basket Brawl. Everyone had so much energy and everything was going so fast; so much speed, aggressiveness, and brawling- it was... FUN!!! Man you had to move fast to keep up and use your best moves to score some hoops. My friend (I will call em KS)... KS and I are like the best tag-team in the school. Even though we weren't playing a 2 on 2 match (like KS and I do a lot and we win pretty much every game we play on 2 on 2 too, but that's really up to GOD'S Will.) Anyway, the game was really supose to be KS and me agaisnt... GO and IT (that doesn't sound right but it's their first names and last names put toghether (the inishals) ) a.k.a Lofty Girl (I hope I said that right... it's what KS calls er). Anyway, more people just kept joining in. But it was a really awesome game... I only fell down once too... I dived for a ball and a whole bunch of girls (...GO, IT, KH, and EO I think... probably not...) grabbed the ball and BOOM! I fell... Oh, this reminds me, Super Mario 3 on 3 in comin out for the DS. See ya later. GOD bless U!

RC Hammer

Basket Bra-Bra-Brawl!!!

Today at school everyone played Basket Ball and eventually it turned into a Basket Brawl. Everyone had so much energy and everything was going so fast; so much speed, aggressiveness, and brawling- it was... FUN!!! Man you had to move fast to keep up and use your best moves to score some hoops. My friend (I will call em KS)... KS and I are like the best tag-team in the school. Even though we weren't playing a 2 on 2 match (like KS and I do a lot and we win pretty much every game we play on 2 on 2 too, but that's really up to GOD'S Will.) Anyway, the game was really supose to be KS and me agaisnt... GO and IT (that doesn't sound right but it's their first names and last names put toghether (the inishals) ) a.k.a Lofty Girl (I hope I said that right... it's what KS calls er). Anyway, more people just kept joining in. But it was a really awesome game... I only fell down once too... I dived for a ball and a whole bunch of girls (...GO, IT, KH, and EO I think... probably not...) grabbed the ball and BOOM! I fell... Oh, this reminds me, Super Mario 3 on 3 in comin out for the DS. See ya later. GOD bless U!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Many people have been voting on what characters they want to be in the new Super Smash Bros. Revolution for the DS (I think it's the DS.) I think we should have a poll here. Just comment who you want to be in the game. I want to see Diddy, Dixie, Kiddy, Lany, Tiny, Chunky, Wario, Toad, Pac-Man, Daisy, Waluigi, and maybe... Stanely the BugMan or Crash Bandicoot. I think that they might put Koopa Kid, because he seems to get a lot of popularity these days. Anyway, to vote just comment.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


I made E discovery about anger. Well the other day I was watchin TV and these guys beleived in the holy blood holy grail and the da stupid code and were tellin everyone how real it was with the ascended "master" and all that stuff I won't say because I'm tryin ta keep this blog a "clean" 1. Anyway I also heard that these Canadians well, 50% of the Canadians beleived the stupid da stipid code movie and books (I hope you know that when I say da stupid I mean the da vinchi.) I also heard that they teach college students evoulution junk and stuff like that. Well, all this anger was rising in me cuz of all this stupid evil going around. But this anger did good. It made me want to fight back. It gave me strength to work and do stuff for GOD and stop evil people. It gave me strength to work for GOD basicly. But what my point basicly is is that you got to work for GOD. The only way to get to Heaven is through GOD beleivin in HIM and HIS sacrifice but you should also try to save as many people as you can before your time is up. Is your mission clear. You got to keep up the savin of people for as long as your here (yes, I got that from a song.) I say it again: I know what I'm talking about. I've studied the bible since I was 3 and I know what I'm talking about. If you disagree with anything I say biblical then comment. I challenge you to challenge me. I bet I can p-rove you wrong (even though most people won't it-mit-it). I can prove ya wrong if it's GOD'S Will and only HIS Will. Also, you can comment if you have any questions. I will answer em if it's GOD'S Holy Will.It would be a honor to help. Praise GOD! GOD bless "U" all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


Okay, I want this blog to have a mix of comedy. I will try something I heard on a show. I am gonna change it a little though... Anyway, here it is: I was helping my cousin Jessica with some homework. It was really hard homework like how many centimeters are in a yard. So I was outside trying to fit these centimeters on a yard. It's not as easy as it sounds. It was dark and I had a flashlight and I was trying to catch these centi- um peders and boy are they fast! I mean, you lift up a rock and like 100 run out and your diving on the ground and gettin all dirty but have you ever tried to ever catch a centipeder- There fast. For some reason people call centipeders centimeters...
This isn't working what the heck. Maybe I should ask D'Caf...

Just a few minor notes...

Okay, I just have a few minor notes here...:

First, I have added www.nintendo.com to my links. However, if they continue to deney JESUS, they will be taken of.

I highly incorage you to go to my other links though, like www.prophecyclub.com, www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com, and http://hammerblog.blogspot.com. I'm not sure if the one to the left is a correct adress but it is on links.

D'Caf should be joining soon...

I still have to talk about anger on this blog, so don't let me forget.

On the main msn page today, it says tons of people believe the Da Vinchi code. I say: DON'T!!! Are faith is being challenged. Stick to the bible and prayer to GOD!

One other note is... a girl at school told me to right on my blog: Lauren loves sprinkels! Okay, I said it.

That is all. I will talk to you later. I have to go finish my homework....

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Monday, May 15, 2006


I will be giving these out today at school. Maybe it will stir up some heat and save some souls.

Go To:
It’s Ryker’s (RC Hammer’s) Blog! Come here for one of the coolest blogs ever. Carl (D’Caf) may become a member of my blog team and some other people too. Anyway, if you can’t get to my blog, contact me at (Sorry, I don't put my real email on the blog), and I should make it able to work on your computer. Be sure to leave some comments when you come to D’Caf and my (s) blog. If you want to become a team member, than you can contact me for that too. See ya there!
RYKER (RC Hammer) and Carl (D’Caf.)

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Sunday, May 14, 2006


When I add a new post, a post goes away, so if you want to read all my post from now or the months before, click May, which is below if you go all the way down. Thanks! Praise GOD!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

I Incorage Ya!

I incorage you to go and read all of the biblical posts on my blog.

I can only tell you so many times: I have been studying the Bible since I was 3! I know what I am talking about.

Here are some highlights:
You should read the Bible daily (King James, if you ya have one) and you should have a Holy Place, which is a private place to pray to GOD every day!

Please, read my blog. Praise GOD, too!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Can I ???

I was (am maybe) going to put a thing on my blog that updates what's happening in Pepino Suave's class. I need though, permision from my fellow students to use there real name on the blog. Okay, there's an exceptain to EP Hammer and D'Caf, but they already have there blogger names and there real names. I need permision from some students if I can use there real names.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

PS: Don't beleive a lot of the history chanels "facts" about stuff. Most (maybe all) are wrong and if you want, tell me to prove whatever one you ask. I challenge you! Bring it on!

RC Hammer Ministries

I want to get you all to learn a ton about GOD, but I'm not sure how exactly to get more and more people to learn about HIM. For know, I'd just say read and believe the Bible intries I do, cuz I studied the Bible since I was 3! Anyway, I can also direct you to other ministries. Like I said, watch Christian TV every time you get a chance. Just remember that the rapture is not true. Some ministries believe in the rapture, but they've just been tricked, it doesn't mean there bad. Oh, watch Manna Fest everytime you get a chance. You know what I'm sayin, The Prophecy Club, Manna Fest, The Crusader. All ran by Perry Stone. I tell you, beleive that man and watch him a lot. GOD told him that he would rake in more people than Billy Gram! Yeah, GOD talks to you if you really beleive, I know. Oh, if you want to go to Perry Stone's web site, just type in The Prophecy Club in the search box. Some of the stuff may sound weird, but I asure you, it's true! Anyway, if you beleive or have been told that the story of Adam and Eve is not true, than don't beleive it. It is true and it's the way things started out! Double gosh!!! It's just evil people making it up! I tell you, read the Bible dayly and have your Holy Place to pray to GOD each day! Pray to GOD and ask HIM to know the truth and to have wisdom. One more thing. Can you pray to my GOD that my dad's knee will feel better, cuz it's starting to hurt again after the River Bank. GOD bless u and help u! Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

29th Annual River Bank Run!

I ran the 5k River Bank Run yesterday. It was fun. I got a really good time too. It was 26 minutes and if you don't know, than 5k means 5 kilometers which is 3 miles. So I ran 3 miles in 26 minutes... Praise GOD! You know, people couldn't even run if it wasn't for GOD, I mean, HE makes you better and better as you go so just trust in him and you could become a really good runner. I got 23 place in my age group (13 under) out of maybe 80 (that's a guess) 13 under people. That's really good, praise GOD, cuz I was near close to the back, too. I beat my dad by 10 minutes this year. Last year when I ran it, I stood with him the whole way, cuz I didn't know what I was doing, but this year, I went ahead of my dad. Last year my dad and my's record was 36 minutes, so I improved my record by 10 minutes and my dad 3 minutes. My dad still did good though, cuz he has to carry over 250 pounds. Oh well, praise GOD again for my great improvement! We always get a pin at the end of the run. Last years was a red pin but this years was a flipping sweet blue pin. Praise GOD for those... I'm gonna wear mine to school tommorow...
At the end of the race, there's also I half a mile long of food, so my dad and I brought a bag, and while everyone was grabbing one banana and one yogurt and one water meleon, my dad and I took are bags and stuffed it full of bananas, yogurt, popsicles, watermeleons, oranges, rolls, and more! We also got these tinnie tiny strawberry jams, which, I will probabaly give one to Pepino Suave tommorow...
Praise GOD all this practicing at the YMCA (Young Mans Christian... something) paid off. The reason I say praise GOD so much is because I want you all to get excited to praise GOD. So everyone, praise GOD right now!!!
If it's GOD'S will, I will be at the next River Bank Run, so see you there! Oh, did you here about the 75 year old lady who finished the 25k in 2 hours 15 minutes. It's no joke!
Catch us if you can! Praise GOD!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Technical Deficulties

Sorry, the parable won't be till later. I had it typed out, and then the whole thing deleted. 2 other things I also tried to type deleted. I will ketch (I spelled it wrong on purpose) up on that stuff later. It will be titled "Ketchup", so keep your eyes open.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Monday, May 08, 2006

I Great Story (Parable) !!!

Right now, I will tell you a parable that GOD sent to me today:
Well, I was looking for the animal crackers. I decided to look in the pantry, (where we also hold some of are coats.) Well, I spotted em in there but there was a problem: A box that holded juice and some news papers were right on top of it. To make matters worse, if I dropped anything it would fall down a giant hole hidden by the coats.I decided to do it the un smart way and pull the animal crackers from the underneath. Well, to shorten things up, everything fell and everything took a umbrella along with them. I went and put the animal crackers on the shelf and reached down the hole where everything fell. One by one I grabbed all of the items. Praise GOD for my long arms. Anyway, when I was reaching and grabbing things in idea came to me from GOD. Well, it was actually just the idea for this parable but what I really ment to say in the last sentence is that the moral of the story is: being in GOD'S army means trying to save people to GOD. The people who hadn't been saved represent everything that fell down. I represented a person in GOD'S army. Like a person in GOD'S army should, I kept going back and back and back picking up everything that had fallen. That represents a solider in GOD'S army saving all the people who had turned away from GOD, which you should do being a member of GOD'S army. Anyway I hope I made the story clear, and if not, here is the moral: Being a member of GOD'S army means keep trying to save more and more people to GOD. And don't worry, if you try to save someone and they still don't turn to GOD, then you are not acountable for their blood, and you saved yourself! So go out and work for GOD! After all, HE did create you!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

Overcome The Evil!

Do not get into the books the Da Vinchi Code, the Gnostic Bibles, the book of mormon, or anything evil like that. They are all not right and they are all evil. This May, are faith is going to be challenged by the Da Vinchi Code movie. Some advice: Don't go to it! Stay with the Bible and the books with people who study the bible, if you want to learn about GOD. If you want to learn if the book is good or not then comment. But anyway, you have to become a member of GOD'S army. Do what I said above and also read the bible, pray to GOD a lot, try to go out and save people, and accept GOD into your life. Do all these (and more if I sipped any) and become a member of GOD'S army. If you want to hear a story of saving people, then look up...

RC Hammer / Coco Loco

PS: Remember Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A New Team Member

We are getting a new team member (maybe) to the blog. That's all I really have to say. Yeah, that's it. If you are new to this blog, than don't worry, it's not usaully like this.

RC Hammer


Does anyone think they have a really good blog. Then tell me about it. I will check it out. Actually, it doesn't matter if your blog is cool or not, tell me about it.

RC Hammer

My Friends House

Today I went to my friends house. He was going to be a member of my team, but I couldn't figure out how to work it (it as in the add a team member.) Anyway, we made a Napoleon Dynamite movie. It didn't have all the scenes, but it had the important ones, I guess. I did the Napoleon Dynamite dance in the movie too, but unfortently, I forgot to bring my soundtrack of the Napoleon movie so I had to do the dance without the flipping sweet music. Oh well. My friend and I rode bikes up to Su... how do you spell it. Well we rode bikes up to the local ice cream parolar. Man, was that a bumby ride. I can't remeber whose bike I was riding, but the stearing was sort of bad... really bad. But the 4 wheel drive was amazing... Oh, I bet you can't guess what ice cream I had. I had playdough ice cream. Man, my friend knows a lot of stuff.... Any way, if your here (my friend) then I be you'll be happy to know I beat level 7-6 on your Yoshi's Island game. I tried level 8-6 but I only lasted 15 seconds, because kamek chases you while your ib a helecopter. See ya!

RC Hammer

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Site

http://www.meaning-of-life.info/IsThereaGod.html is a site, that my good friend D'Caf has pointed out. You can visit it, if you want, but let me warn you first. A lot of things on there site is false. A lot is a mixture of true and false. And a lot is true. If you go to that site, than please ask me if that stuff is true or not. I know what I am talking about, and strangly, the guy who made the site discusses all the topics that I basicly know the truth of in my heart. For example, it says that you can't prove there is a GOD. This is false. There are many ways that you can prove a GOD and there are many ways that people have. Yes, have. One way that I can prove right now is: go look in a mirror. What do you see. Who created it. GOD did, right? Right. You see, the person who made that site is a Christian. He beleives in GOD, and then he goes and says that GOD can't be proven. If you already beleive in GOD, than you beleive tha GOD created you, right? Yes, he does beleive that GOD created him, and if he looked in a mirror, than he would see proof of GOD. Do you understand what I'm saying. Hopefully, you do. So anyway, when you read something on his site, ask me if it's true before reading it, okay. GOD bless you!

RC Hammer

PS: I did not mean to offend the creator of the site, in any way. Thanks.

Sorry, no pictures

I'm sorry but I can't get any pictures to download into the blog. I just don't have enough space...

RC Hammer

If you need anything need anything...

If you have any questions about GOD, than please, don't hesate to ask. Ask anything really, should I read this, should I see this, is this correct, what does this mean, or more. I have been studying the Bible since I was 3. I only speak the truth. Ask anyone who really knows me well, they will say that I know what I am talking about and that I'm honest.

RC Hammer


Do not buy or read or see any of the Da Vinche movies or books. Also, do not read anything along those lines. You should watch the religeous stations on TV. I'm not sure what they are, I will tell you later, but whenever you see one, please watch it. Also, this may sound weird, but if anyone ever wants you to get a computer chip in your hand or forhead, don't do it, no matter what!

RC Hammer

Michael Savage

Michael Savage is a great talk show host. I'm not sure which station he's on, but maybe you should try:

RC Hammer

The Nintendo Character of the Month, Donkey Kong!

I chose the Nintendo Character of the month to be Donkey Kong. DK would probably have a bigger fan base if Mario hadn't been Shiguru Myiomoto's pick to work on "first". In fact, I beleive, if it weren't for DK's father, there wouldn't be a Mario and the whole Nintendo thing would have probably crashed and the world would be domonated by systems like Sega and Play Station. Anyway, DK's first appearence was in Donkey Kong 2 or Donkey Kong JR. After that, DK has had more than 60 games and he has appeared in many other video games and camoes. Donkey Kong seems to be Nintendo's test character. In 1994, Donkey Kong Country had more "3d" graphics. In 1999, Donkey Kong 64 came with one of those save pack thingys. DK has also been in games were you had to bang on DK bongos. These games included Donkey Konga, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Konga 2, and Donkey Konga 3, which will come out soon if it is GOD'S will. DK: King of Swing has had the new play mechanics: r and l. Even though DK'S prime was in the earlier retro years (Nintendo-Nintendo 64) he has still had a lot of newer great games, no matter what. In each game (well almost each) DK has animal buddies, in which he rides, friends, that help him along the way but are not playable and sometimes not members of the Kong family, a boat load of playable characters, and enimies. The Kong family lists of: Cranky Kong, Funky Kong, Candy Kong, Wrinkly Kong, Swanky Kong, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong, Lany Kong, Tiny Kong, and Chunky Kong. There are many more characters though, who are not members but friends of the family. Donkey Kong's family origin is a little confusing, but here is the best I can do: Cranky and Wrinkly are DK's dad and mom and Cranky used to be Donkey Kong in the arcade game Donkey Kong, it is said that Swanky Kong is DK's older brother or maybe younger, Also Diddy and Dixie and Kiddy and Chunky and Tiny are all DK's nephews and Diddy is one of his favorites, Funky is his friend and he is possibly his cousin, Lany is probably his brother or cousin in law, and Candy is his girlfriend which I am not sure how that works because he's a kong and she's a kong. There is probably something that makes it work out but like I said, some things in the Kong family are a mystery. Of course, the family tree is way more complicated like Dixie and Tiny are sisters. DK's age is about25 if you can't all of his game years but in the games, it sometimes quotes that he is 20. Donkey Kong's "golden" games were when Rare owned him, but know Rare moved to Microsoft and left DK for some other companies in which many gamers quote that ever since that was done, DK games are losing there touch and becoming worst. Oh well, at least DK hasn't totally lost his awsome "touch" with video games. The good thing is that DK is actually producing games and merchandise. Some characters that are going through what DK is hardly produce any games at all and are beeing forgoten. We should pray that Nintendo becomes Christian and makes like a game were DK gets a faith in GOD. That would really be cool. There is many more things I can say about DK, but he has a history that could even overlap Mario's, because he had each character given a personalety and everywhere there's so much detail, unlike other video game franchichises that don't include very much of anything. All gamers should respect DK. He sort of started the chain of "good" games, praise GOD! I am happy to say that DK is my favorite video game character. But remember, don't start to like video games to much and start liking em better than GOD. Oh, one more thing. DK is Rare's gaming mascot, and he, Mario, and Link are Shigero Myiomoto's so called "best" characters. They are his 3 most popular. So the first video game character of the month is Nintendo's "person who saved Nintendo"... DONKEY KONG!!!

RC Hammer

Nintendo Update

For those of you who don't know, Nintendo is coming out with a new system called the Revolution. I have heard from the people at Nintendo, that when you have the Revolution, you can download any game you want, and keep it. I may have heard wrong, or I may have not heard enough, but that is mostly what I know about it. I will have to do more research, because that sounds like it may have a few exceptans. Any way, is anyone fimiliar with the Nintendo DS? You know how you can play anybody anywhere with it's wifi connection, or you can just go to Mc Donalds to play wifi. Well, there making a DS that is... I can't remeber how much % lighter, but it will also have the internet. Wow, a light internet. Anyway, I heard that they have almost produce it in Japan, or maybe they did produce it in Japan, I'm not sure, but they are going to release it in America (if it's GOD'S Will.) I will have to do more research on that too. Also, the PSP (Play Station Portable) has came out, but I'm not a real big Playstation (or any other system besides Nintendo) fan. I don't know. The qualities and expierence of the other systems in my opinion just don't compare to those of a Nintendo system. Anyway off of that subject. They seem to be making a Donkey Kong movie. It is said to be out in 3 years. But, GOD could do anything to make it come faster, make come slower, or make it not come at all. Donkey Kong is my favorite Nintendo charater so... well, you know. Probably have of my veiwers are probably people who don't even play Nintendo, but I will keep going. Oh, if you want to find out more about the DK movie go to the offical donkey kong news letter. Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if Nintendo just went Christian? I mean, think about how many souls would be saved. It's something to pray for, and you can also help the cause by emailing Nintendo Power some reasons why they should except GOD. If you want to email em, email em at pulse@nintendo.com. If you want to email em any thing else like questions or something, than go ahead and maybe I will post it on the blog. The most important thing to do if you are a gamer though is to not start to get so into Nintendo that you start to like it more than GOD. Trust me, even I have to fight myself to keep this right sometimes. GOD help us.

RC Hammer

PS: I will also start having a Nintendo character of the month on this blog. If you want to vote- for anyone, than be my guest and comment. See ya!

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Links

I can't get my links to work so I will post em right here: www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com.


Does anyone want anything added to my blog? Tell me if you do. I am going to work on getting pictures for the blog...
Oh! Does anyone (I know) want to be a team member on the blog? Tell me if you do.

RC Hammer

1 of My Most Important Posts, Please Read It!

Have you been praying lately but GOD just hasn't answered your prayers? Well, HE can hear em, but you have to keep praying, keep believing that GOD will do it for you, and keep up your faith! GOD may be testing you to see how your faith is going or something else may be happening that I don't want to talk about right now but can be overcome- with Faith. You see, just keep praying, believe that what your praying for GOD can do ( because HE can), and have faith and eventually, it will happen I assure you! Enless it's something stupid and not GOD'S Will, (like revenge, GOD well supply all the revenge HIMSELF when it is needed) than really, I know it will happen. So get out there and pray to GOD! May I remind you that HE created you, the SON gave HIS life for you, and the SPIRIT follows you around every where to protect you when HE probably could be hangin around in Heaven or Paradise? May I also remind you that even though way back at the start of time (6,000 years ago) Adam and Eve sinned and since then caused everyone to sin GOD still gave us a second chance, a chance to actually be with HIM for ever and ever, in the best place in the world, if we follow HIM. After all we have done. After all we have done. Are GOD has given us a second chance, after all we have done, I say are GOD forgave us like we should do with others and will let us walk with HIM and talk with HIM in HIS almighty presence, and we have sinned agaisnt HIM so much. Why are the people still denying, sinning, insulting HIM? All this, and HE has mercied us? What are people doing? HE gave us life, and some people just use there life to go agaisnt, to sin agaisnt, to do evil agaisnt the LORD who gave em life. Why do people do this? Why? What has GOD done to them besides do great things for their life! Every good thing that happens in your life is from GOD! I assure you it is! But still, some people still do tons of evil. Are they more powerful than HE? I think not! Anyone who at least beleives in GOD should read the Bible on at least maybe a daily basis. (Spesificly the St. James if possible.) People who at least believe in GOD, should have a Holy Place. A place to pray in privite to GOD every day. Anyone who believes in GOD, should believe that JESUS died on the cross for are sins and that GOD is truly real and HE truly created us. It says in the Bible to pray. In Mathew 21:22 or something like that it says that he who ask and believes, shall get it. Believe me, it's not in those exact words but it also says that you should have a Holy Place to pray, it says read the Bible, it says that JESUS died for are sins, and it says that GOD created us. It is the first flippiing sentence of the Bible for crying out loud! Genisis 1:1 states: In the begging, GOD created the heavens and the earth. Gosh, what more do the people need. This is the Word of GOD. I am 11 and I have been studying the Bible since I was 3, the year I actually learned about WHO created me, the person that I should honor for my whole life- GOD. I may be 11, but I have studied the Bible for more years that a lot of grown ups that I know. You may not trust what I am speaking now, but I tell you, these things that I am saying are from GOD, THEY ARE THE WORDS OF GOD! Please, continue to tell people you now this whole post. Get up and show it to your family, maybe print it and show it to other people. Those who have ears, hear it. Amen.

RC Hammer

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Binki (Pacifier) Blues

(In the post below, I used the word binki, which is a spelling mistake because it's spelled binky.)

My little sister (who's 3) and my little brother (who's 1) are both binki fanatics. If you are not used to the name binki, than I tell you that it is another name for a pacifier. I will use the word binki here. Well anyway, binkis these days are about 6 dollars and... yeah. There 6 dollars. I could buy something 10 times better thatn that with 6 dollars. Anyway there is about 2o binkis in this house and we only can locate 2. Everyone in my house has to have there binki, and if we can't find em we just go to the store and by more binkis and more binkis. Oh well, I'm not neccarsarly complaining about this, in my openion, it's just something to talk about. I mean, your not going to have these binkis for to long, I mean, most kids give up binkis when they're 2, even though my sister is 3, but she's her. Oh, and I did see a girl at my tennis lessons who had a binki... and she was about 9 or 10. Oh well, I guess some kids can't give em up so easily. I gave mine up when I was... 2.. maybe, but I was glad to give it up. Drinking out of a bottle was hard for me to give up, not binkis. Anyway I stoped drinking out of bottle when I was 5 because when I got home from school, my mom told me if I stopped using a bottle, than I would get a toy. I think I got a Batman from Meijer. I was really into Batman back then. I had a collection of over 30 Batman action figures. I still have them but my brother and sister (and me) play with em a lot and there sort of all broken now and......

RC Hammer

Prblem Solved

I got it so you can post aynamous comments now. I got to go.

RC Hammer

I Friends and... I's, Spanish Skit

My friends and me are going to do a Spanish skit. We are going to have a lot of MC Hammer music in it too, but right now, I will show you the script the Narator will read. Sorry if you can't read Spanish. Comment if you can't.

Un Aburedo Lobo.

opening scene... (While playing a Spanish song. I can't remeber what it's called but it's on my Napoleon CD.)

Una alld estar un lobo. Lobo si llamma Philip. Philip vivo in la mountanas y Philip muy aburedo. !Que problema! Tarder aquella dia, un plano estallido en un montanas. Un empujarun-plano y oveja viene fuerade el plano. empujarun-plano si llamma Rex y oveja si llamma Pork Chop. Es ovio. Pork Chop tiene un radio y Pork Chop entregar Philip un radio. !Ahora allas todo romper la abaja!

Dancing scene... (While playing This is The Way We Roll by MC Hammer.)

!Alabar DIOS! !No problema! !Todoscuerpo en la escuel, Romper la abajo!

Dancing scene... (While playing Don't Pass Me By by MC Hammer)


Credits... (While playing MC Hammer, Release Some Presure by MC Hammer (again).)

That is the script. Maybe Pepino Suave will let us do the skit as an addition to the Cinco de Mayo celebration we will be having tommorow. That is something to look forward tomorow as through all of my troubles. Only GOD knows if I'll make it though. Oh, happy Cinco de Mayo to.. everyone I guess. Well, now this blog may be starting to pick up. Hopefully, Pepino Suave is reading this... Oh, I'm sorry if I spelled anything wrong in the skit or if I copied it wrong from the paper. Well, see ya! GOD bless you!

RC Hammer

Bible Verses

What is your favorite Bible verse? Mine is Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. If you don't have one or... never mind. Why don't you just go read the bible now. I would post more... but since my family is sick they need my help... NOW!

RC Hammer

2 Questions

I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know how to alow anymous comments on the.. coment page?
2. Does anyone know how to write things on the links column?


RC Hammer

No title

Actually, for the quiz I made, the only prize is that you are going to get your name on the flipping sweet blog hall of fame. Sorry about the confusion once again.

RC Hammer

Why am I RC Hammer instead of Coco Loco?

The reason I did not keep my name as Coco Loco is because I figured out that Coco Loco was also a name of a night club and a... drink. I didn't really want my name to be in a cluster of blogs that talked about "bad" stuff, so I changed my name to RC Hammer. Sorry about the confusion if any.

RC Hammer/ Coco Loco

Please pray.

Can evryone who reads this please pray for my family. Everyone seems to have gotten sick and it's just not right with everyone doing nothing.

RC Hammer

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Puzzle Time!

Okay, this is the part of the blog where I have a quiz. Try to unscramble the words below for prize B but if you can tell me the answer of the words in Spanish, that you win prize A. May GOD bless you if it's HIS will.


PS: They do not make a sentance.

RC Hammer/ Coco Loco

To Mike and Jill

My two cousins, Mike and Jill, came to Pepino Suave's and my blog. They found out about it by taking some of Pepino Suave's classes. They do not have offical nicknames yet (like mine is Coco Loco) but Pepino Suave is seemingly calling Mike Brad Pit, for some reason (quote, quote.) Since I'm eleven (as you know) you may be asking, why is RC Hammer's cousins taking the parent classes (which I don't think I've mentioned.) Well it's because there a lot older. Actually not to older because they are probably 23-26. (I'm probably there favorite cousin now because of how I guessed there age!) Anyway, I hope they stop by at the blog again and I suggest to them that they make there own blog.

RC Hammer/ Coco Loco

Napoleon Dynamite

Het everyone, do you like Napoleon Dynamite? Well, I do. I know how to do the dance too. Do you know how to do the dance? Praise GOD I can do the dance. Anyway, we should pray for Jon Heder (he's the guy who played Napoleon.) Anyway, we should pray for him because he's a mormon... yes. Well anyway, if you want the point to the movie it's about a teenager who tries to help his friend win a class alection while dealing with his crazy family. GOD Bless you all!

RC Hammer

Bible Bookmarks

Above, I will try to post the offical J-Team bookmark catolog (it may take a while. It's 1008 kb.). Pray to GOD it will work...

Okay, I gues it's a little to big. I will figure something out later. Anyway... I will see you later. I got to go.. Oh, don't forget to remind me about posting my favorite Bible verse and... I really got to leave!

RC Hammer

3 Tough Christians

3 tough Christians are:

1. Mr. T
2. MC Hammer
3. The Dog

I shouldn't say tough Christians (even though they are tough) but maybe famous Christians. I know there are very more "famous Christians" though. Like the guy I saw in the paper the other day... what was the headline... Oh yes, it was: Meaning behind the music
or something like that. Anyway, you don't have to be tough or famous to go to Heaven or even preach the word of GOD. Just trust in GOD and you should do it right. Oh, here is a pretty random message: You should watch some of the religieous stations on tv. Don't tell me you don't know what you mean. Just when your flipping though, sometime stop on those stations to see what happening.

RC Hammer

Another great blog besides Pepino Suave's, MC Hammer's!!!

Hey everyone. Did you know MC Hammer is a Christian? Well, I also don't think you know that Mr. T (the guy from the A-Team not the other one) is a Christian too. There will be more of that later though. Right know, I would like to tell you about MC Hammer's blog. It's really cool and if you want to go there, than it's Stop! Stop! Stop! Something. I can't remember the rest of the name of his blog, but just type in MC Hammer in the search all blogs box, and I think that should do the trick. So now my two links are Pepino Suave's blog and MC Hammer's blog. I would put them on the links thing to the side, but as you know, I'm new to this and I don't know how to change em. GOD Bless us all!

RC Hammer

Your first J-Team mission

Okay. Have you heard of Nintendo Power? It's a magazine place right next to Nintendo of America in Redmond, Washington. Well, actually, they are probably part of Nintendo of America. The thing is we need to save them. They are getting so sinful and evil. If we stop em, that maybe it could be the little thing to take down the big guns: The whole Nintendo! But we don't mean wipe Nintendo of the planet, I like video games. I mean make em a Christian organziasion! So whenever you have the time, email em at pulse@nintendopower.com. I have tried to email them to become a Christian place a lot of times, but they don't listen. I think it might work if a lot of people tell em. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what to write in your email. Write something that you think will make em a Christian but don't be to harsh. Just try to make em Christian, somehow. GOD be with us and help us. GOD bless U all as MC Hammer would say, but I say: GOD Bless all of us! (I still like MC Hammer's way though, too.

RC Hammer

Go out and work for GOD!

Everyone, are GOD is a truly great GOD. When we ask and beleive HE can do the impossible. Are GOD is so remarkable and awsome, HE even gave HIS own SON to die on the cross for are sins. Everyone, The SON gave HIS life to keep us all from dying, and the people are all still deneying! What will it take, huh? The point is that you should get up and start working for GOD right now! Go read the Bible, or go pray, or go save some souls to GOD, or do anything to help and honor GOD'S name. Now you should go out there right now and do something for GOD!!!

RC Hammer


Sorry about this post. It's just a little heads up. I started a group called The J-Team. In it we try to win souls to GOD. I am going to later try to post all of the J-Team offical bookmarks and I am also going to give you all a secret mission. But for now, it's time for dinner.

RC Hammer

Nintendo Poll

Below I will show the following of some Nintendo stare and everyone, just choose 3 characters and comment em. I would post there picture, but I can't get this "photo" thing to work. Gosh! From RC Hammer.

Mario Mario (Mario's last name is Mario.)
Luigi Mario
Donkey Kong
Samus Aran
Princess Peach
Conker the Squirell
Banjo and Kazooie
Diddy Kong
Kiddy Kong (Dinky Kong in Japan)
Dixie Kong

The Talent Show

I was in my schools talent show. One of my friends and I did the Napoleon Dynamite dance. Since then a whole bunch of paparatzies have been coming to us all the time wanting us to do the dance. Go figure. What was really weird about the talent show, though, there was no first prize. There we were, all thinking we were competing for a prize and then finall y when the moment came... NOTHING! Yep. N-o-t-h um.. you know, nothing. All the acts were done and everything and everyone was waiting for a winner and then they just said in quote: Good by. See you in the next talent show. I know a lot of people who have really good acts but don't want to do it because they want a prize. For instants, my friend, (name withheld) is a great break dancer, but he won't do it at the next talent show because there's no prize! Oh well, I think my friend and I got the most appluase. Thank GOD for that. In Spanish it's alabar DIOS. I guess I will just take up the no prize thing with the student council...

RC Hammer


Everyone here: Please pray for my brother because he is really sick. Also please pray for me because my track team is conting on me to win them the meet.

RC Hammer


It's www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com. Sorry.

Rc Hammer/ Coco Loco

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pepino Suave

A cool blog to go to is Pepino Suave's blog. Pepino Suave is my Spanish teacher and he has a blog like me. (Don't worry, his real name isn't Pepino Suave.) I am on his blog. I have a vast comic series of Bo the Gorrila. Oh, on his blog, I am known as Coco Loco. His blog adress is http//:pepinosuave.blogspot.com and if you want to reach him easyer (sorry spelled wrong) than just write Bob la Gorrila in the search blogs at the top of the page.

RC Hmmer


Can anyone who owns a blog tell me how to get into my blog from just the search box when you turn on your computer. What I have to do to post on my blog is: go to my mail to get to my Spanish teachers blog. from my Spanish teachers blog I go to one of my comments where I can click on my user name revieling my profile and then I click on my blog from ther and then I click edit and than I double click post. As you can see, I am in a big jam. Someone help me please!

PS: Sorry everything here is sort of boring. This is sort of like my test run before the really big stuff so forgive me.

RC Hammer.

Important stuff!!!

These are some impotant words... just a minute.


Okay. Does anyone here know how to get to heaven? Well, most people will just say to do good stuff and live a good life. The bible says that man can't earn his way to heaven and he can only get there through GOD. So all you have to do to get to heaven is to believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that GOD is real andgreat. That is basicly it! But guess what. If you read your Bible (namely the St. James) and pray in private to GOD each day (namely called a Holy Place) then miracles may start happening to you and GOD will start talking to you and a whole bunch of stuff like that. But first you have to believe! (underline underline.) Remember this and try not to be told differently.

PS: I usually... wait I got to go!

RC Hammer.


Okay, I guess I know what I'm doing... Anyway, I got some great stuff planned out like, a Nintendo poll, links to other blogs, important stuff, and more. I just have one question for any blog owner: how do you make a profile of yourself?

RC Smasher.


Hello. Some people may have just stumbled upon this blog or some may have just heard about it but here is some of my advice for everyone: Stay here! If this blog is boring at first, don't worry, This is my very first post and there will be more as my time increases. One thing that might turn people away, it's a christian posting this stuff. If you are not christian, still, just stay here. There will be interesting things and you might learn or have fun. Oh, you might want to know my name (name on this blog). It's RC Smasher. Oh, this may turn grown ups away, but I'm eleven. Yes, 11. But you can listen to me when I talk about GOD because I have been studying the Bible since I was 3. Okay. Just give me a few seconds to figure this blog thing out.....