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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Friends and... I's, Spanish Skit

My friends and me are going to do a Spanish skit. We are going to have a lot of MC Hammer music in it too, but right now, I will show you the script the Narator will read. Sorry if you can't read Spanish. Comment if you can't.

Un Aburedo Lobo.

opening scene... (While playing a Spanish song. I can't remeber what it's called but it's on my Napoleon CD.)

Una alld estar un lobo. Lobo si llamma Philip. Philip vivo in la mountanas y Philip muy aburedo. !Que problema! Tarder aquella dia, un plano estallido en un montanas. Un empujarun-plano y oveja viene fuerade el plano. empujarun-plano si llamma Rex y oveja si llamma Pork Chop. Es ovio. Pork Chop tiene un radio y Pork Chop entregar Philip un radio. !Ahora allas todo romper la abaja!

Dancing scene... (While playing This is The Way We Roll by MC Hammer.)

!Alabar DIOS! !No problema! !Todoscuerpo en la escuel, Romper la abajo!

Dancing scene... (While playing Don't Pass Me By by MC Hammer)


Credits... (While playing MC Hammer, Release Some Presure by MC Hammer (again).)

That is the script. Maybe Pepino Suave will let us do the skit as an addition to the Cinco de Mayo celebration we will be having tommorow. That is something to look forward tomorow as through all of my troubles. Only GOD knows if I'll make it though. Oh, happy Cinco de Mayo to.. everyone I guess. Well, now this blog may be starting to pick up. Hopefully, Pepino Suave is reading this... Oh, I'm sorry if I spelled anything wrong in the skit or if I copied it wrong from the paper. Well, see ya! GOD bless you!

RC Hammer


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