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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another great blog besides Pepino Suave's, MC Hammer's!!!

Hey everyone. Did you know MC Hammer is a Christian? Well, I also don't think you know that Mr. T (the guy from the A-Team not the other one) is a Christian too. There will be more of that later though. Right know, I would like to tell you about MC Hammer's blog. It's really cool and if you want to go there, than it's Stop! Stop! Stop! Something. I can't remember the rest of the name of his blog, but just type in MC Hammer in the search all blogs box, and I think that should do the trick. So now my two links are Pepino Suave's blog and MC Hammer's blog. I would put them on the links thing to the side, but as you know, I'm new to this and I don't know how to change em. GOD Bless us all!

RC Hammer


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