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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bottled Heat

Here is a song from a band called Bottled Heat. Don't question the band or anything (it's minor). Just enjoy it. Hammer out.

I'm Walking On Quick Sand Here by Bottled Heat

When I walk past all the "believers" who sin so much
I just wonder why we all sin so much
GOD brought us to life
but still we dis and doubt are LORD
for all HE'S done
(HE'S done good)
I'm walking on quick sand here, LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
I'm deeply troubled by all that I see
On TV, at school, anywhere you please
It's all just filled up with sin
are LORD helps to the end
but still we freely choose to sin
LORD I don't know where to begin
where all full of just sin
I'm walking on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
I keep wonderin' what are we doin'
GOD bless us every day
but still we for some reason we always stay
on the the side that hates GOD all day
I want to help I need to make things better
but even if I try
all the evil will stride all the pride
I'm walking on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (repeat 2)
My life is screwed up
I need some tough
help from the LORD that gives me strength
we all need to just hang on now
I said we all just need to hang on know
(I know we do)
I'm walkin on quick said here LORD have mercy on my soul (R2x)
I now know what I'm doin here
we need to press on toward the goal
the prize that calls heavenward
we need to stop we need to breath
LORD GOD will help those who plead
thoose who think they need
only only only GOD
I tell you that's all we need
I walkin on quick sand here LORD have mercy on me (R2x)
LORD JESUS take us free
cuz YOU are all we need
give us hope give us strength
to save all the evil ones who burn who gnash there teeth
LORD GOD thanks for savin me
I say thanks for hearin
thanks for hearin
my hum-ble call
for help when I need it now
everyone quick
time is almost up
surrender to HIM very quickly now
I'm walkin on quick sand here (R2x)
We are all walkin on quick sand here.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


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