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Friday, May 05, 2006

1 of My Most Important Posts, Please Read It!

Have you been praying lately but GOD just hasn't answered your prayers? Well, HE can hear em, but you have to keep praying, keep believing that GOD will do it for you, and keep up your faith! GOD may be testing you to see how your faith is going or something else may be happening that I don't want to talk about right now but can be overcome- with Faith. You see, just keep praying, believe that what your praying for GOD can do ( because HE can), and have faith and eventually, it will happen I assure you! Enless it's something stupid and not GOD'S Will, (like revenge, GOD well supply all the revenge HIMSELF when it is needed) than really, I know it will happen. So get out there and pray to GOD! May I remind you that HE created you, the SON gave HIS life for you, and the SPIRIT follows you around every where to protect you when HE probably could be hangin around in Heaven or Paradise? May I also remind you that even though way back at the start of time (6,000 years ago) Adam and Eve sinned and since then caused everyone to sin GOD still gave us a second chance, a chance to actually be with HIM for ever and ever, in the best place in the world, if we follow HIM. After all we have done. After all we have done. Are GOD has given us a second chance, after all we have done, I say are GOD forgave us like we should do with others and will let us walk with HIM and talk with HIM in HIS almighty presence, and we have sinned agaisnt HIM so much. Why are the people still denying, sinning, insulting HIM? All this, and HE has mercied us? What are people doing? HE gave us life, and some people just use there life to go agaisnt, to sin agaisnt, to do evil agaisnt the LORD who gave em life. Why do people do this? Why? What has GOD done to them besides do great things for their life! Every good thing that happens in your life is from GOD! I assure you it is! But still, some people still do tons of evil. Are they more powerful than HE? I think not! Anyone who at least beleives in GOD should read the Bible on at least maybe a daily basis. (Spesificly the St. James if possible.) People who at least believe in GOD, should have a Holy Place. A place to pray in privite to GOD every day. Anyone who believes in GOD, should believe that JESUS died on the cross for are sins and that GOD is truly real and HE truly created us. It says in the Bible to pray. In Mathew 21:22 or something like that it says that he who ask and believes, shall get it. Believe me, it's not in those exact words but it also says that you should have a Holy Place to pray, it says read the Bible, it says that JESUS died for are sins, and it says that GOD created us. It is the first flippiing sentence of the Bible for crying out loud! Genisis 1:1 states: In the begging, GOD created the heavens and the earth. Gosh, what more do the people need. This is the Word of GOD. I am 11 and I have been studying the Bible since I was 3, the year I actually learned about WHO created me, the person that I should honor for my whole life- GOD. I may be 11, but I have studied the Bible for more years that a lot of grown ups that I know. You may not trust what I am speaking now, but I tell you, these things that I am saying are from GOD, THEY ARE THE WORDS OF GOD! Please, continue to tell people you now this whole post. Get up and show it to your family, maybe print it and show it to other people. Those who have ears, hear it. Amen.

RC Hammer


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