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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Site

http://www.meaning-of-life.info/IsThereaGod.html is a site, that my good friend D'Caf has pointed out. You can visit it, if you want, but let me warn you first. A lot of things on there site is false. A lot is a mixture of true and false. And a lot is true. If you go to that site, than please ask me if that stuff is true or not. I know what I am talking about, and strangly, the guy who made the site discusses all the topics that I basicly know the truth of in my heart. For example, it says that you can't prove there is a GOD. This is false. There are many ways that you can prove a GOD and there are many ways that people have. Yes, have. One way that I can prove right now is: go look in a mirror. What do you see. Who created it. GOD did, right? Right. You see, the person who made that site is a Christian. He beleives in GOD, and then he goes and says that GOD can't be proven. If you already beleive in GOD, than you beleive tha GOD created you, right? Yes, he does beleive that GOD created him, and if he looked in a mirror, than he would see proof of GOD. Do you understand what I'm saying. Hopefully, you do. So anyway, when you read something on his site, ask me if it's true before reading it, okay. GOD bless you!

RC Hammer

PS: I did not mean to offend the creator of the site, in any way. Thanks.


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