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Monday, May 22, 2006

Can't Keep A Good Man Down

There so much arguing, hate, poverty, and more. The thing with Mexico, Iraq. So much going on. So much to pray for. My advice is to stick with GOD and work for HIM and also: relax! GOD is in control. GOD can handle anything right? Right! If your not for HIM, your agaisnt HIM. If you are for HIM you are not agaisnt HIM. If you are not for HIM you are evil and will be put in darkness. If your for HIM and good, than your being tooken care of and your in GOD'S Hand. Don't worry. Relax. Have hope. Hang on. You for GOD aren't you? I am! I don't want to be for anyone else. You may say GOD doesn't love you cuz HE won't answer your prayer. That's not true. It's either it's not HIS Will or HE'S testing you or something and all you have to do is keep on praying. Maybe a bit of fasting here and there but just keep on praying. When you pray, you also have to beleive. If you don't beleive that GOD can do what your prayin' for than it won't happen. You say amen after you pray, right? Well, amen means I beleive. You got to beleive in what your prayin' for. GOD can do it. Just always stay with GOD. HE will never leave you and HE will never forsake you if you stay with HIM. Have hope, beleive, pray, read the bible. Guys, don't worry bout a thing. I've studied the bible for 9 years. I know my GOD is awesome and HE can do anything. Don't worry. GOD is with you always if you don't abanden HIM. Beleive.
GOD can do great things.
!Alabar DIOS!
Praise GOD!
Just beleive in GOD.
You can't keep a good man down.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


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