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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A New Team Member

We are getting a new team member (maybe) to the blog. That's all I really have to say. Yeah, that's it. If you are new to this blog, than don't worry, it's not usaully like this.

RC Hammer


  • At Monday, 08 May, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    He wants to be called EP Hammer.

  • At Monday, 15 May, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Now I might get 3 more people in the blog. Including EP Hammer it will might be D'Caf and 2 other guys... Anyway,I already contacted the 2 other guys and EP Hammer but I am going to contact D' Caf right now... well actually once I'm done lookin up BioFreeze for my dad...

    RC Hammer / Coco Loco


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