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Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Friends House

Today I went to my friends house. He was going to be a member of my team, but I couldn't figure out how to work it (it as in the add a team member.) Anyway, we made a Napoleon Dynamite movie. It didn't have all the scenes, but it had the important ones, I guess. I did the Napoleon Dynamite dance in the movie too, but unfortently, I forgot to bring my soundtrack of the Napoleon movie so I had to do the dance without the flipping sweet music. Oh well. My friend and I rode bikes up to Su... how do you spell it. Well we rode bikes up to the local ice cream parolar. Man, was that a bumby ride. I can't remeber whose bike I was riding, but the stearing was sort of bad... really bad. But the 4 wheel drive was amazing... Oh, I bet you can't guess what ice cream I had. I had playdough ice cream. Man, my friend knows a lot of stuff.... Any way, if your here (my friend) then I be you'll be happy to know I beat level 7-6 on your Yoshi's Island game. I tried level 8-6 but I only lasted 15 seconds, because kamek chases you while your ib a helecopter. See ya!

RC Hammer


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