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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sow Seeds (I hope I spelled sow right)

Does any of you know what sowing is as in sowing seeds. It's when you give somebody something and the you ask GOD for something and HE gives it to you. Or HE could just give you double of what you sowed. Like you gave away 10$ and GOD gives you back 20$ or more. Or give 10$ and ask for something and then if it's GOD'S Will HE will give you what you want. Be careful when you sow though not to let anyody know what your doing. Liiikkkeee if you go give some 99 year old something to eat, make sure nobody sees you and says what a good person you are and stuff. Hypocrits do that. GOD hates hypocrisy. If you do that than "your a good person" is all your gonna get for a reward instead of GOD with all the bling payin you back. You know JESUS was- had tons of money more then Bill Gates. Daniel told people (wise man) to hold all the money intill you see a star... and gold franksense and mere, well, there was a lot of gold ... They gave HIM more than one piece of gold... JESUS didn't have a job when HE preached but HE aforded everything.. sorry. Didn't tell the story very well but that's cuz I'm gettin' a little of subject. Anyway, the bible says don't put GOD to the test, but you can test HIM for one thing... If you sow a seed, it's like testing GOD to see if HE will do it. And it's a good thing, GOD likes it. So sow seeds and believe that GOD can do it and whatever you sowed for will be yours. GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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