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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

People have been calling me a genious in what I am writting. I thank you all and ask you to praise GOD. I may be wise, but it is GOD who gives me wisdom. I made this blog as a follow up to Pepino's and to help save people to Christ. Please ask me any questions you have. One recently asked question is where is heaven. I will answer that right now. In science, there is a thing called heavens. Were in the first one right here. There just all the are space, much like the atmosphere. They are just a scientific term. Well, heaven is in the 7th heaven. Nuber 7 is really high up. So please just ask if you have any questions. Trust in GOD. Read the bible. Hang on. Cool. GOD can do anything so don't worry. Oh, remind me to right about the bible codes later. Praise GOD! GOD bless "U" all!!! Oh, stay away from the Da Vinchi code.


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