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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nintendo Update

For those of you who don't know, Nintendo is coming out with a new system called the Revolution. I have heard from the people at Nintendo, that when you have the Revolution, you can download any game you want, and keep it. I may have heard wrong, or I may have not heard enough, but that is mostly what I know about it. I will have to do more research, because that sounds like it may have a few exceptans. Any way, is anyone fimiliar with the Nintendo DS? You know how you can play anybody anywhere with it's wifi connection, or you can just go to Mc Donalds to play wifi. Well, there making a DS that is... I can't remeber how much % lighter, but it will also have the internet. Wow, a light internet. Anyway, I heard that they have almost produce it in Japan, or maybe they did produce it in Japan, I'm not sure, but they are going to release it in America (if it's GOD'S Will.) I will have to do more research on that too. Also, the PSP (Play Station Portable) has came out, but I'm not a real big Playstation (or any other system besides Nintendo) fan. I don't know. The qualities and expierence of the other systems in my opinion just don't compare to those of a Nintendo system. Anyway off of that subject. They seem to be making a Donkey Kong movie. It is said to be out in 3 years. But, GOD could do anything to make it come faster, make come slower, or make it not come at all. Donkey Kong is my favorite Nintendo charater so... well, you know. Probably have of my veiwers are probably people who don't even play Nintendo, but I will keep going. Oh, if you want to find out more about the DK movie go to the offical donkey kong news letter. Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if Nintendo just went Christian? I mean, think about how many souls would be saved. It's something to pray for, and you can also help the cause by emailing Nintendo Power some reasons why they should except GOD. If you want to email em, email em at pulse@nintendo.com. If you want to email em any thing else like questions or something, than go ahead and maybe I will post it on the blog. The most important thing to do if you are a gamer though is to not start to get so into Nintendo that you start to like it more than GOD. Trust me, even I have to fight myself to keep this right sometimes. GOD help us.

RC Hammer

PS: I will also start having a Nintendo character of the month on this blog. If you want to vote- for anyone, than be my guest and comment. See ya!


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