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Sunday, May 14, 2006

29th Annual River Bank Run!

I ran the 5k River Bank Run yesterday. It was fun. I got a really good time too. It was 26 minutes and if you don't know, than 5k means 5 kilometers which is 3 miles. So I ran 3 miles in 26 minutes... Praise GOD! You know, people couldn't even run if it wasn't for GOD, I mean, HE makes you better and better as you go so just trust in him and you could become a really good runner. I got 23 place in my age group (13 under) out of maybe 80 (that's a guess) 13 under people. That's really good, praise GOD, cuz I was near close to the back, too. I beat my dad by 10 minutes this year. Last year when I ran it, I stood with him the whole way, cuz I didn't know what I was doing, but this year, I went ahead of my dad. Last year my dad and my's record was 36 minutes, so I improved my record by 10 minutes and my dad 3 minutes. My dad still did good though, cuz he has to carry over 250 pounds. Oh well, praise GOD again for my great improvement! We always get a pin at the end of the run. Last years was a red pin but this years was a flipping sweet blue pin. Praise GOD for those... I'm gonna wear mine to school tommorow...
At the end of the race, there's also I half a mile long of food, so my dad and I brought a bag, and while everyone was grabbing one banana and one yogurt and one water meleon, my dad and I took are bags and stuffed it full of bananas, yogurt, popsicles, watermeleons, oranges, rolls, and more! We also got these tinnie tiny strawberry jams, which, I will probabaly give one to Pepino Suave tommorow...
Praise GOD all this practicing at the YMCA (Young Mans Christian... something) paid off. The reason I say praise GOD so much is because I want you all to get excited to praise GOD. So everyone, praise GOD right now!!!
If it's GOD'S will, I will be at the next River Bank Run, so see you there! Oh, did you here about the 75 year old lady who finished the 25k in 2 hours 15 minutes. It's no joke!
Catch us if you can! Praise GOD!!!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


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