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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Love Your Enemies

... Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...
Matthew 5:44

In the Bible it says to love your enemies. Almost every Christian has heard this but how many follow it? The problem is that many Christians probably push this aside because they can't think of a way to love their enemies beyond material things. Christians don't relize that they express hate to many non Christians by treating them wrongly and by showing them no respect. Even celeberties and other famous people get hated on because they are not Christians.

Well now I ask all you Christians who may be guilty of this: What good will it do to hate people because they don't have JESUS as their savior. It will probably send them after Christians because of how we hate and disrespect. It will probably push them away from GOD and to hell, too. For all of thoose Christians who have truoble with this, what better thing can you do for your enemies then pray for them instead of hate them. Only GOD can save people- we can just help out. But if we pray that GOD helps our enemies and gives them a better understanding, then GOD will probably reveal Himself to them. And that will show true love to our enemies and to JESUS, for we obeyed HIM.

God bless you all! Peace.
Hammer out.

Your servant,
RC Hammer


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