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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Mike and Jill

My two cousins, Mike and Jill, came to Pepino Suave's and my blog. They found out about it by taking some of Pepino Suave's classes. They do not have offical nicknames yet (like mine is Coco Loco) but Pepino Suave is seemingly calling Mike Brad Pit, for some reason (quote, quote.) Since I'm eleven (as you know) you may be asking, why is RC Hammer's cousins taking the parent classes (which I don't think I've mentioned.) Well it's because there a lot older. Actually not to older because they are probably 23-26. (I'm probably there favorite cousin now because of how I guessed there age!) Anyway, I hope they stop by at the blog again and I suggest to them that they make there own blog.

RC Hammer/ Coco Loco


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