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Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Only Problem...

My only problem right know is that so many people don't even know the real GOD and the real faith. I got to get the news out. The da stupid code and the dumb un true holy blood grail and so many other tricks and wrong things in general that you wouldn't beleive is false. Please just stick with my word. Don't let other people tell you the difference with GOD. If you have any questions please ask. Really, I know so much more than I'm posting. Ask about other things please! I have been studying the bible since I was 3, I know what I'm talkin' bout. Not diamonds on the souls of shoes GOD!!! Lord I ask that you hear what I'm sayin'. LOrd I'm prayin' that you give me and anyone else who visits this blog to get the Word of truth and to rest in YOUR Holy Presence forever. Please GOD. Guide all the people who's screwed up faith may mess up their eternity forever be guided to my blog. LORD I pray that I get the Word out and make me one of the people who helps. LORD, I surrender. Take my soul, GOD. Help me to save tons and tons of souls to YOU, my almighty FATHER. I beleive YOU gave YOUR SON and that HE died on the cross for my sins. I bleive in YOU and that YOU created everything. I love you GOD. Please give anyone who's willing strength to save people to you. LORD, bless us all and give us strength to hold on and work for YOU. In GOD'S holy Name, amen. GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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