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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Binki (Pacifier) Blues

(In the post below, I used the word binki, which is a spelling mistake because it's spelled binky.)

My little sister (who's 3) and my little brother (who's 1) are both binki fanatics. If you are not used to the name binki, than I tell you that it is another name for a pacifier. I will use the word binki here. Well anyway, binkis these days are about 6 dollars and... yeah. There 6 dollars. I could buy something 10 times better thatn that with 6 dollars. Anyway there is about 2o binkis in this house and we only can locate 2. Everyone in my house has to have there binki, and if we can't find em we just go to the store and by more binkis and more binkis. Oh well, I'm not neccarsarly complaining about this, in my openion, it's just something to talk about. I mean, your not going to have these binkis for to long, I mean, most kids give up binkis when they're 2, even though my sister is 3, but she's her. Oh, and I did see a girl at my tennis lessons who had a binki... and she was about 9 or 10. Oh well, I guess some kids can't give em up so easily. I gave mine up when I was... 2.. maybe, but I was glad to give it up. Drinking out of a bottle was hard for me to give up, not binkis. Anyway I stoped drinking out of bottle when I was 5 because when I got home from school, my mom told me if I stopped using a bottle, than I would get a toy. I think I got a Batman from Meijer. I was really into Batman back then. I had a collection of over 30 Batman action figures. I still have them but my brother and sister (and me) play with em a lot and there sort of all broken now and......

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