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Monday, May 08, 2006

I Great Story (Parable) !!!

Right now, I will tell you a parable that GOD sent to me today:
Well, I was looking for the animal crackers. I decided to look in the pantry, (where we also hold some of are coats.) Well, I spotted em in there but there was a problem: A box that holded juice and some news papers were right on top of it. To make matters worse, if I dropped anything it would fall down a giant hole hidden by the coats.I decided to do it the un smart way and pull the animal crackers from the underneath. Well, to shorten things up, everything fell and everything took a umbrella along with them. I went and put the animal crackers on the shelf and reached down the hole where everything fell. One by one I grabbed all of the items. Praise GOD for my long arms. Anyway, when I was reaching and grabbing things in idea came to me from GOD. Well, it was actually just the idea for this parable but what I really ment to say in the last sentence is that the moral of the story is: being in GOD'S army means trying to save people to GOD. The people who hadn't been saved represent everything that fell down. I represented a person in GOD'S army. Like a person in GOD'S army should, I kept going back and back and back picking up everything that had fallen. That represents a solider in GOD'S army saving all the people who had turned away from GOD, which you should do being a member of GOD'S army. Anyway I hope I made the story clear, and if not, here is the moral: Being a member of GOD'S army means keep trying to save more and more people to GOD. And don't worry, if you try to save someone and they still don't turn to GOD, then you are not acountable for their blood, and you saved yourself! So go out and work for GOD! After all, HE did create you!

RC Hammer / Coco Loco


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