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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Talent Show

I was in my schools talent show. One of my friends and I did the Napoleon Dynamite dance. Since then a whole bunch of paparatzies have been coming to us all the time wanting us to do the dance. Go figure. What was really weird about the talent show, though, there was no first prize. There we were, all thinking we were competing for a prize and then finall y when the moment came... NOTHING! Yep. N-o-t-h um.. you know, nothing. All the acts were done and everything and everyone was waiting for a winner and then they just said in quote: Good by. See you in the next talent show. I know a lot of people who have really good acts but don't want to do it because they want a prize. For instants, my friend, (name withheld) is a great break dancer, but he won't do it at the next talent show because there's no prize! Oh well, I think my friend and I got the most appluase. Thank GOD for that. In Spanish it's alabar DIOS. I guess I will just take up the no prize thing with the student council...

RC Hammer


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