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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson

Many of you know Mel Gibson was arested the other day. Well I'm here to give you the right point of view.You may not be Christian, but please, I call you to listen. Micheal Savage (see www.michealsavage.com) says that when Mel was making The Passion of the CHRIST, he went to see him. Savage said Mel was a very nice man so he asked em out to drink. Mel said honestly, no I don't drink. What do you think could have called Mel to drink again. Maybe it was all the angry people who kept stepping on him because of his great movie, The Passion of the CHRIST. You tell me why you think this man turned around. I just remembered that in the Bible, JESUS said: "Whoever hasn't sinned, be the first to throw the stone." That's why I'm so ticked of about all this junk about boycotting Mel and stuff like that! SHUT UP!!!! Anyone who says that. I'm serious. Mel said he was sorry, what can you do now. We all sin. And he asked for forgiveness of his sin. Whats the big deal all you liberals! Stop trying to crush him. He will overcome you and destroy you...! What more, he said he's sorry so shut up back talkers.

GOD bless "U" all! and have a good week.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. Sorry for the language, I'm just really ticked off.)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Victory: The Only Option

This is sort of a test I use to preach to people, so just go along with it and answer the questions on the computer. Do you think your a good person? Do you know the ten commandments? Have you ever stold anything? Probably. Have you ever told a lie? I have. You see thoose are just 2 commandments and we already have sinned agaisnt em both. Now stealing a car is a sin right? And if you were in court, if you were being judged by a good judge, even if you were sorry, he would have to send you to jail. Now think of yourself being in jail and all of a sudden some strangers gives away everything he has and bails you out. That's what JESUS did for you. We all have sinned very much and since GOD is a good judge, HE has to send us to jail no matter what. But instead, in are darkest hour, JESUS came and bailed us out by dieing on the cross for are sins. Now let me talk about dieing on the cross. People just think HE died, oh well I'm going to sin again. Well, HE was tortured and beat, but let's get to the cross part. When you get nailed to the cross, the only way is to pull yourself up, which (if you don't know JESUS was nailed to the cross) tairs all the flesh and bone because of the nail. To get one breath. ull up - inhal. Sag. Pull up - inhale. That's very painful. And even though you sinned agaisnt HIM and did evil things torward HIM, HE stilled died on the cross for you. For your own eternity in Heaven or hell. Turn around now; JESUS loves you and you don't want to go to hell. Remember. When you a Christian a true JESUS following Christian and not some wannabe look alike Christian the Victory is the only option. GOD bless "U" all and have a good week and eternity!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


How do you get to Heaven. I've told you parts in other posts. Now I will some it up. Well, the Bible says in the old testiment that if you hang on you will be saved. Then, in the new testiment, James redid what that said. He said something similiar to thoose who are saved will automaticly be saved in Heaven. So that means if you are already saved and you truly know JESUS some how you will make it to Heaven! Now, let me tell you some responsibilities of Heaven. The Bible says in John 16:4 or 14:6 That GOD is the truth the way and the light. Well that has to do with following GOD. and to truly know GOD and following HIM, (like in the verses above) consists of praying, reading and believeing the Bible, preaching, and stuff like that. I hope you understand. Tell me if you have any questions. To anyone who reads this, I bless them with the gift of Heaven somehow. GOD bless "U" all!!! See you in Heaven!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Tiny and Important

I have little things to preach throught this post. It would be to short if I seperated them, so I will just say em through here. First of all, in my studys I found out (if your doing something that invloves winning or losing or something like that you can make mistakes on) then don't complain about anything but confess and you will find victory. I may not have made that to clear, so just use your imagination with it and I'm sure you'll find victory in confessing and not complaining. You know what, I think I'll give you an example. If your playing tennis and you hit the net when you hit a serve, instead of complaining how bad of a serve it was, confess your mistake. Also I found out the power in crying out to GOD. If you ask HIM for a miracle and you cry out for a miracle, GOD will give you an instruction (every time) follow it and you have your miracle. I preach tons of stuff on my blog and I tell you to do tons of stuff that will help you. Well, A prophet suggest and you do! If your new hang around here and read and come back and even if your a different religeon, please read. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S I forgot something. Parents, kids are just being turned agaisnt GOD from the begining with all the stuff on TV and radio and other things. My advise is to share the word of GOD with em as often as you can. You say where to busy, he/she has camp, sports, partys, playdates. Cancel the stuff you can just to preach to them about how good GOD is. It's there eternity. There life. Forever.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pray for the "Burning Bush"

You may have heard this but right now are country (USA) is expierencing very bad times. Now is not the time to critizise George W. Bush. You may think your doing your country a favor, but really; he probaby has enough problems and your just making more for him. If you really want to help this country, I don't care if you like him or hate him. You need to pray for him. Even if you are not from the USA or in it, I ask you, please pray for Bush. Keep praying for him. It's one of the only way to help in this struggle. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. I have a few new posts coming so if you are new, come back later. I am also going to do some profile editing but I'm really pushed for time here.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Best

You may think that you are the coolest and best person ever but look at it this way: A branch is held up by it's roots.. Same with you and GOD. You wouldn't even be alive if GOD didn't create you and plus, GOD blessed you with all you talents and made you good at stuff with a lot of sucess. Even evil people get blessed and are given talents by GOD. Everyone is loved by GOD and will always be loved by GOD no matter what you say or do. Even if you think you are dumb and have no talents, just look around and you will find that you are very blessed and you have a lot of skillz... because GOD doesn't make mistakes. GOD din't put you on this world to be a failure know did HE? Get up and start using all your talents for GOD! Bottom line: Stop bragging about your sucess and how good you are and give all the praise and glory to GOD and use your talents for HIM and not to make yourself look good. Because in the end it's not going to be about how cool you are to other people and yourself, it's GOD'S turn. How cool are you to GOD. Even right now. This is eternity we are talking about. You can spend it forever in hell with pain and suffering and the ugly guy who makes me through up they call the devil or you can have eternal joy with GOD in heaven and paradise. You don'y know if you could die today either; it's not in your hands. Eternity is forever. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

PS: I will start the voting for the Nintendo Character of the month. Vote now and anywhere. Oh, I will post my links here: www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com
http://mchammer.blogspot.com www.Godisgoodfrommetoyou.blogspot.com www.evenmoreflippinsweetblog.blogspot.com
http://egarellen-bestfriends.blogspot.com http://thegodisgreatblog.blogspot.com
http://believeinyourself-chinagirl411.blogspot.com http://everyonewrites.blogspot.com

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Thing

Another thing you can do for GOD besides praying, readng and believing the Bible, and preaching (see below, @ the "continues") is you can use your talents for GOD. If your a good drawler, draw pictures that will draw attention to GOD. (See artakiane.com.) If your GOD @ sports... I don't know you could do anything. The reason GOD gave you talents is to rake up people to HIM. Remember the parable of the servents and their master gave em' talents? I know that's somewhere in this blog. I'll post it on comments. Anyway, the worst thing you can do is critisize yourself. You, think about what that means. GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. This may not seem to... convincing or whatever to new people, but just keep looking around all over on my blog (even archives) plus come here a few other times (Christian or not) just to read what I preach. If you don't know me (cuz I get a lot of new people) then I will tell you: I'm a prophet of GOD and I study GOD and the Bible (plus politics). GOD gives me some of this stuff to say... well, HE gives everything I guess...

When Is Someday?

When GOD tells you to do something, don't say that you'll do it someday (or anything meaning someday, like later.) When GOD wants something and asks for it... HE wants it know!!! GOD created a Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and a Sunday... but HE never created a someday. When is someday? Bottom line: GOD asks, GOD gets. It's either you do it GOD'S way... or you do it GOD'S way. Get what I'm saying?

I also don't think GOD created the word how. (I mean in the sense of: How are/am I/we suppose to do that, not like how should I do it?) How is a word of godless men. If your for GOD, then you have nothing to fear. You just do it all not feeling any fear and blowing through it- why? Because you never ever go solo. You always have GOD watching out for you. I'll talk more about that later.

GOD bless "U" all! If your new stay and read a little Christian or not and also..... Be here, or be nowhere @ all.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Friday, July 14, 2006

What HE Did

A lot of people I think, would become Christians, or even closer to GOD if they knew what GOD did for them truly. HE gave HIS only SON. Yeah, so the SON died on a cross. Ever do any studying? The cross was the Romans worst, most painful and dead way of persucting someone. And the SON did nothing wrong but help people. Now, let me tell you a little science or facts or history or whatever about the cross. First of all, after getting beaten you got nailed to it. In the feet and wrists. Your sort of slumped, so to breath (just breath) you had to pull youself up. And when you pull yourself up, you tare all your flesh and anything else in your wrist. Very painful for not doing anything. Plus, since JESUS was JESUS, HE got much much more than that.

Now let's travel back a little. GOD was there, when nothing else was. HE created everything ever made. Including you and me. But before there was anything besides HIM, HE new everything about you, your future, everything about you. HE knew more about you then you know about you. HE loved you before you were even created. And guess what? Although everything you have done before, HE still loves you. Nothing you can ever say or do will ever change HIS love for you. That's special. I don't think your really cool inless you have GOD. You don't know cool inless you have GOD.

Just say with you mouth that GOD is the one and only GOD and believe that in your heart. Read the Bible and pray daily and when you are ready to preach. Preach for GOD! (look around the stuff on my blog to see more detail in this (supposely the continues. You'll know what I mean if you go down.) When you have GOD, you don't have to fear anything. You always have GOD with you and you are always save a smooth with your words. Your basicly on top of it all. You'll be going to Heaven with eternal joy. And if you don't recieve GOD- you'll be burning with sadness in hell.

If you have any questions, ask. GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whatever You Feel Like Calling This Post!

Just to let you know right of the bat, this isn't really anything that I'm preaching. I will have a ton of time to preach on the weekends though. The "weak"ends are my strong ends. Go figure. I'm just going to talk "entertainingly" and... I don't know- This is my post. I am going to speak out, I might get some people mad @ me... but hay- I'm am a Christian conservative. I ain't going to be tricked and puched around and have my mouth shout... no matter what a liberal or a communist or even a democrate may say. My mouth isn't ducked tape- freedom of speech.

Anyway, I have a lot to say, I just don't have the time... but I will. I only have time for little posts like this right now. And right now isn't much longer. I'm not in a post drought. Just a meaningful post drought.

I have been studying more that usual my usual. Politics ans GOD and the Bible and anything along those lines. That is what I study. Yeah. You would have never guesed I studyied real politics. I study what you can' get @ school. I'm sorry. I study what no educated person not twisted by liberal minds knows. Well, I take that back. Some may know it. But they just hate it because it is the truth. People on;y seem to like lies today. I study what you can't see on TV, what isn't in schools, and what isn't in most books. Don't worry. I'll get on with it.

I look up to people and honor who speak there minds. Like Micheal Savage. Look on my links to go to somebody who is one of the most smartest guys around. I look up to people and honor people who love the LORD and use there skillz for HIM. Like MC Hammer, Akiane, and any movie star wh does what I just said. Again, look at my links. I look up to and honor people who are on top of it all and give all the praise to GOD. Like Mr. T. I'm training a ton of stuff... studying, training, learning, so I can be a person like these people... and many more.

Now, if your new to my blog (like a ton of people are) I incourage you to stay here and look around at my posts (mostly religeous ones). You may have been insulted here, but hay. I seriously want people to speak out. I study GOD'S ways, not people's ways. If you insult me for what I'm saying, I don't care. I just want GOD to see me good. I'm untouchable with GOD. I fear nothing because I'm with GOD. If there was a gun on me, I wouldn't care. I would move. I would be protected by GOD. No weapons drawn agaisnt me shall prosper. Now time to turn up the heat. If you can't take it... back up.

You may love or hate George W. Bush. The thing is, now is the wrong time to go agaisnt him and to bash and insult him. Now we must deal with Iran and North Korea. We have maybe 8 thousand nuclear bombs. The Jews have 200 something. They will bomb em' when the time comes. But what I'm trying to get at is that the United States is in George's hands. There have been some prophesise (sorry about the spelling) about George Bush... and there all good... if we pray. So the main thing is:
Pray for your safety and your familys, pray for the country's safety, and pray for George Bush. Republican and Democrat and anything else all know that Bush isn't doing a very good job, but if we all pray and believe he will and I mean will turn around.
GOD bless "U" all!!!
Be here or be no where.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NIP (Nothing in particular)

(Sorry. My pictures couldn't come up in this post, so just go to the website (read below) to see all of the pictures. Thanks.)

Well, I just have little to say. I have been touched by GOD so much just know. Go to www.artakiane.com , my new link. This girls 11 and she's beent alked to and visited by GOD every day since she was 4. I just read her interview. It's along story, but it's very very very touching. She makes awesome pictures.She's been a profishinal artist since 4 and a profesinal poetry... person since 7. GOD'S given her a vision of everything she makes. GOD even showed her what JESUS looked like when HE was younger. GOD'S been talking to me too lately. I have a lot to say. I've also gotten a few missions from GOD that I can't tell you about. Well, I'm going to post a ton of GOD posts, later, when I orginize my notes and have time. For know, I will tend to saving the few people GOD told me to save that I can't tell you about, get ready to make my new post from GOD, show you theese pictures, pray and read the Bible, and... put
www.artakiane.com on my links. Have a great summer! GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

P.S. One is her self portrait. It's a cover of a a magazine for the Prophecy Club. Check out www.prophecyclub.com . Anyway, she didn't want to do a self portrait, but GOD told her to. She has pictures of GOD (I think I posted one) but the real up close ones are locked so I can't do anything with em'. Remember, she is 4-11 when she did/does theese. She has a 2nd book coming out. Go to her site ( www.artakiane.com ) for more info.

P.S.S Just in case I drew to much attention to her, GOD is the one who makes it all happen, makes it all fit together. If you trust in GOD that you can do anything through HIM and beat anyone that goes angaisnt you through HIM, you will make it. In JESUS name, amen . (That's how I win a lot of tennis matches.)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

continue 3 (final)

This post is the sequal to 4 posts. Please go down to stay in touch and read up from there before you read here. This is one of my most important and powerful messages; it may be long, but please: READ IT!!! Thanks.

Another tip is to pray to GOD for the full armor of GOD. Ask HIM for the boots of peace, belt of truth, shield of faith, breast blate of rhigeousness, sword of the SPIRIT (the fun one), and helmet of salvation. Bottom line: GET OUT THERE AND SAVE EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T OR DOUBTS GOD AND MAKE THE PERSON RIGHT!!!!!!!!! It's almost as if there's over a million people, about 2 run of a huge cliff. Only worst. So, here are the steps:

1. Start praying to GOD daily
2. Read and believe and obey the Bible daily (presumeably the King James verson)
3. And preach to strangers and people (just ask GOD @ the begining of the day who to preach to and I garantee if you believe HE will answer, HE will answer some way. Maybe someone else will tell you, you'll hear it, GOD will show you a picture or speack, etc.) Just imagion that you will get 1,000,000,000 dollars for each one you save. That's basicly almost true only better for the rewards you will get in Heaven.

Some up: This is very very long. You may have not have gotten a chance to read this all. Well this message contains your life. If you didn't get a chance to read it all, then print it and read it later. You may want to keep it and look over it every now and then when you need help or hints. Don't be afraid of getting hurt while preaching. The Bible says no weapons drawn agaisnt you shall prosper if you have GOD. This may be a life or death situation for you, so please, oh please, read the whole thing right up to the begining (stay in touch). GOD bless "U" and help "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Continue 2

The start of theese posts was started 3 posts down (title: stay in touch.) Please go down to read stay in touch first , then continue 2nd, then here. They go in a seqence and are probably my most important posts ever. Thanks.

OK. You read the 2 below. How about you don't believe in hell (or the person your preaching 2). Well if you didn't believe in trucks, and you where standing in the middle of the road and a truck was coming, would you get hit by it even though you didn't believe? You would get blowned into 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pieces! Well, is it any different with hell? No! You must preach to people! You must! The Bible says that in the end days (which are almost upon us) that GOD doesn't want us cold, or luke warm, but HE wants us hot!!! On fire! Working for HIM and preaching to people firend or stranger. That's why you have to make friends with non'Christians. So you can preach to em' and teach them the way of the MASTER! The way of my LORD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, what if your a kid and your parents won't let you just walk up to a stranger. Well, use your imagination. I right the word (print it of the PC) of paper and go in public and put it omewhere will someone will find it (I'm unseen) and that is my way to reachin' to strangers. You might want to try something a little less dangereous though. I also write on my blog to praech the word of GOD just be creative.


I will continue this post in a few minutes above. Thanks.


I don't know how to start this off. OK. If you don't know, this is a sequal. So if you haven't read the post below, read it before you read this. Thanks.

Once you read your Bible and have a Holy Place (a place to pray to GOD in private every day) then you must preach to people who need preaching. Whenever you see someone who needs to preached 2 or something like that, then you must preach to him. Even if it's a stranger. Don't be afaid to preach to a stranger. You need to save people 2 GOD. Do you know what eternity is? It's forever. And you don't know if that person (or you) is going to die right know, or tommorow, or an hour, or whatever. You don't want people to spend eternal heat and sadness in hell forever, do you. And besides, if you really think about it (I mean think about it really hard right now) it's not really something to make you nervous or scared. Sort a natuarl. Now, never say that you can't figure out how to talk to this guy or you can't. Don't even tell GOD that. If you do, you won't be able to save em and the people (or person) might spend eternal turtour. I know what it's like in hell. If you study the Bible like me, then you will know what happens. Anyway, the tips to saving people when you don't know what to say are want to say is 1.compassion, 2. faith, and 3. love for GOD. You got to save thoose people. If someone tells you differently (believe what I say here, not anywhere else (I may have made a mistake before)) to get to heaven you must confess with you mouth that GOD is GOD and believe that in your heart. But once you tuly have done that, you should know what to do. You got to save people. GOD wants you to save people once you have done that and read the Bible and prayed. You must reach out you hand and save! GOD doesn't want you to wait for the people to come to you, HE wants you to go to them!!!


The rest of this topic will be continued above... soon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stay In Touch

You must read and believe the Bible and pray @ least once every day to stay in touch with GOD. You have to- or else HE will leave you and you don't want that to happen. Look @ it this way: If you have a good friend, you have to talk to each other to learn about each other to stay in touch. Right? Yes. Or else you won't be very good friends anymore. That's just the same with GOD. If we don't pray to HIM to keep in touch and if we stop reading the Bible to learn about HIM and what HE wants us to do, then we won't be good friends with HIM anymore. And that leads to all kinds of problems. HE will leave us and life will be miserable and HE won't help us with normal tasks HE helps and blesses us with every day. That's why everyone needs to get a Holy Place (a place to pray to GOD in private every day) and that's why we also need to read the Bible every day. Then we will be ready for what GOD wants us to do (see bottom PS.) GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. This is sort of a be continued post. I was going to post the next post that follows up to this post that will tell us something important that we have to do once we start readin' the Bible and prayin', but some things just popped up that I need to do. I will post it later. For now, just start reading the Bible and praying in your Holy Place daily and this should sink in to you so you understand... I got to go now! My car!..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Here's a test: Can anyone tell me why we celebrate the 4th of July? I hope eveyrone enjoys the carnivals, fireworks, parades, etc. This is andwas and will always be 1 nation under GOD. No objections. Are forefathers wrote it in are independents so you can't flippin' change that! GOD is the true maker of this nation; HE built us up and let us get started, HE gave us the power to overcome are enemies, and HE could bring us down if we keep tryin' to get rid of HIM. Here's a tip for all the non believers: BELIEVE!!! We can't make it without GOD! GOD bless "U" all and to all a good 4th of July.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. I still have 2 other really important post; If your new, come back to read em' when I have time to post. Thanks!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 2

I still have a lot to say but my dad wants me to play Mario Golf with him, so I will try to post more later. Right now, I will post my links. I do this because I don't know how to make my links clickable so you can click em' and get there so I post em' hear... Hope you understand. You will if you look @ my links. If someone knows how to make em' clickable, then speak up now, please.

www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com Pepino Suave
http://mchammer.blogspot.com MC Hammer
www.Godisgoodfrommetoyou.blogspot.com EPC
www.evenmoreflippinsweetblog.blogspot.com SC Hammer
http://egarellen-bestfriends.blogspot.com Moose
http://thegodisgreatblog.blogspot.com D'Caf
http://believeinyourself-chinagirl411.blogspot.com China Girl
http://everyonewrites.blogspot.com Everyone writes
www.artakiane.com She's only 11 and her art is amazing! Praise GOD!
www.prophecyclub.com Learn the truth about GOD
www.thewayofthemaster.com Learn the way of the Master
www.nintendo.com Learn the news on the latest Nintendo info
www.michaelsavage.com The best radio talk-show host... ever
www.veggietales.com I hope you know what Veggie Tale's is/are
www.johnankerberg.org What's true about GOD and what's not
www.daveramsey.com Get some $$$$$$

Ejucated guy, I'm getting to you. For now, if anyone visits my blog and has another, then post it hear! Happy July everyone and GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer