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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Basket Bra-Bra-Brawl!!!

Today at school everyone played Basket Ball and eventually it turned into a Basket Brawl. Everyone had so much energy and everything was going so fast; so much speed, aggressiveness, and brawling- it was... FUN!!! Man you had to move fast to keep up and use your best moves to score some hoops. My friend (I will call em KS)... KS and I are like the best tag-team in the school. Even though we weren't playing a 2 on 2 match (like KS and I do a lot and we win pretty much every game we play on 2 on 2 too, but that's really up to GOD'S Will.) Anyway, the game was really supose to be KS and me agaisnt... GO and IT (that doesn't sound right but it's their first names and last names put toghether (the inishals) ) a.k.a Lofty Girl (I hope I said that right... it's what KS calls er). Anyway, more people just kept joining in. But it was a really awesome game... I only fell down once too... I dived for a ball and a whole bunch of girls (...GO, IT, KH, and EO I think... probably not...) grabbed the ball and BOOM! I fell... Oh, this reminds me, Super Mario 3 on 3 in comin out for the DS. See ya later. GOD bless U!


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