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Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 2

I still have a lot to say but my dad wants me to play Mario Golf with him, so I will try to post more later. Right now, I will post my links. I do this because I don't know how to make my links clickable so you can click em' and get there so I post em' hear... Hope you understand. You will if you look @ my links. If someone knows how to make em' clickable, then speak up now, please.

www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com Pepino Suave
http://mchammer.blogspot.com MC Hammer
www.Godisgoodfrommetoyou.blogspot.com EPC
www.evenmoreflippinsweetblog.blogspot.com SC Hammer
http://egarellen-bestfriends.blogspot.com Moose
http://thegodisgreatblog.blogspot.com D'Caf
http://believeinyourself-chinagirl411.blogspot.com China Girl
http://everyonewrites.blogspot.com Everyone writes
www.artakiane.com She's only 11 and her art is amazing! Praise GOD!
www.prophecyclub.com Learn the truth about GOD
www.thewayofthemaster.com Learn the way of the Master
www.nintendo.com Learn the news on the latest Nintendo info
www.michaelsavage.com The best radio talk-show host... ever
www.veggietales.com I hope you know what Veggie Tale's is/are
www.johnankerberg.org What's true about GOD and what's not
www.daveramsey.com Get some $$$$$$

Ejucated guy, I'm getting to you. For now, if anyone visits my blog and has another, then post it hear! Happy July everyone and GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


  • At Sunday, 02 July, 2006 , Blogger Chinagirl411 said...

    Hi RC Hammer. I'll talk to you later. Bye.


  • At Sunday, 02 July, 2006 , Blogger Jillien said...

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I wish i could show you how to leave a link but blogger wont allow the tag to be put into this comment box. if you are really interested in finding out you can email me or contact me and i'll send it to you...


  • At Monday, 03 July, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    I see what I'll be able to do.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer


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