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Saturday, July 08, 2006


I don't know how to start this off. OK. If you don't know, this is a sequal. So if you haven't read the post below, read it before you read this. Thanks.

Once you read your Bible and have a Holy Place (a place to pray to GOD in private every day) then you must preach to people who need preaching. Whenever you see someone who needs to preached 2 or something like that, then you must preach to him. Even if it's a stranger. Don't be afaid to preach to a stranger. You need to save people 2 GOD. Do you know what eternity is? It's forever. And you don't know if that person (or you) is going to die right know, or tommorow, or an hour, or whatever. You don't want people to spend eternal heat and sadness in hell forever, do you. And besides, if you really think about it (I mean think about it really hard right now) it's not really something to make you nervous or scared. Sort a natuarl. Now, never say that you can't figure out how to talk to this guy or you can't. Don't even tell GOD that. If you do, you won't be able to save em and the people (or person) might spend eternal turtour. I know what it's like in hell. If you study the Bible like me, then you will know what happens. Anyway, the tips to saving people when you don't know what to say are want to say is 1.compassion, 2. faith, and 3. love for GOD. You got to save thoose people. If someone tells you differently (believe what I say here, not anywhere else (I may have made a mistake before)) to get to heaven you must confess with you mouth that GOD is GOD and believe that in your heart. But once you tuly have done that, you should know what to do. You got to save people. GOD wants you to save people once you have done that and read the Bible and prayed. You must reach out you hand and save! GOD doesn't want you to wait for the people to come to you, HE wants you to go to them!!!


The rest of this topic will be continued above... soon.


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