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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stay In Touch

You must read and believe the Bible and pray @ least once every day to stay in touch with GOD. You have to- or else HE will leave you and you don't want that to happen. Look @ it this way: If you have a good friend, you have to talk to each other to learn about each other to stay in touch. Right? Yes. Or else you won't be very good friends anymore. That's just the same with GOD. If we don't pray to HIM to keep in touch and if we stop reading the Bible to learn about HIM and what HE wants us to do, then we won't be good friends with HIM anymore. And that leads to all kinds of problems. HE will leave us and life will be miserable and HE won't help us with normal tasks HE helps and blesses us with every day. That's why everyone needs to get a Holy Place (a place to pray to GOD in private every day) and that's why we also need to read the Bible every day. Then we will be ready for what GOD wants us to do (see bottom PS.) GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S. This is sort of a be continued post. I was going to post the next post that follows up to this post that will tell us something important that we have to do once we start readin' the Bible and prayin', but some things just popped up that I need to do. I will post it later. For now, just start reading the Bible and praying in your Holy Place daily and this should sink in to you so you understand... I got to go now! My car!..


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