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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Best

You may think that you are the coolest and best person ever but look at it this way: A branch is held up by it's roots.. Same with you and GOD. You wouldn't even be alive if GOD didn't create you and plus, GOD blessed you with all you talents and made you good at stuff with a lot of sucess. Even evil people get blessed and are given talents by GOD. Everyone is loved by GOD and will always be loved by GOD no matter what you say or do. Even if you think you are dumb and have no talents, just look around and you will find that you are very blessed and you have a lot of skillz... because GOD doesn't make mistakes. GOD din't put you on this world to be a failure know did HE? Get up and start using all your talents for GOD! Bottom line: Stop bragging about your sucess and how good you are and give all the praise and glory to GOD and use your talents for HIM and not to make yourself look good. Because in the end it's not going to be about how cool you are to other people and yourself, it's GOD'S turn. How cool are you to GOD. Even right now. This is eternity we are talking about. You can spend it forever in hell with pain and suffering and the ugly guy who makes me through up they call the devil or you can have eternal joy with GOD in heaven and paradise. You don'y know if you could die today either; it's not in your hands. Eternity is forever. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

PS: I will start the voting for the Nintendo Character of the month. Vote now and anywhere. Oh, I will post my links here: www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com
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