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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whatever You Feel Like Calling This Post!

Just to let you know right of the bat, this isn't really anything that I'm preaching. I will have a ton of time to preach on the weekends though. The "weak"ends are my strong ends. Go figure. I'm just going to talk "entertainingly" and... I don't know- This is my post. I am going to speak out, I might get some people mad @ me... but hay- I'm am a Christian conservative. I ain't going to be tricked and puched around and have my mouth shout... no matter what a liberal or a communist or even a democrate may say. My mouth isn't ducked tape- freedom of speech.

Anyway, I have a lot to say, I just don't have the time... but I will. I only have time for little posts like this right now. And right now isn't much longer. I'm not in a post drought. Just a meaningful post drought.

I have been studying more that usual my usual. Politics ans GOD and the Bible and anything along those lines. That is what I study. Yeah. You would have never guesed I studyied real politics. I study what you can' get @ school. I'm sorry. I study what no educated person not twisted by liberal minds knows. Well, I take that back. Some may know it. But they just hate it because it is the truth. People on;y seem to like lies today. I study what you can't see on TV, what isn't in schools, and what isn't in most books. Don't worry. I'll get on with it.

I look up to people and honor who speak there minds. Like Micheal Savage. Look on my links to go to somebody who is one of the most smartest guys around. I look up to people and honor people who love the LORD and use there skillz for HIM. Like MC Hammer, Akiane, and any movie star wh does what I just said. Again, look at my links. I look up to and honor people who are on top of it all and give all the praise to GOD. Like Mr. T. I'm training a ton of stuff... studying, training, learning, so I can be a person like these people... and many more.

Now, if your new to my blog (like a ton of people are) I incourage you to stay here and look around at my posts (mostly religeous ones). You may have been insulted here, but hay. I seriously want people to speak out. I study GOD'S ways, not people's ways. If you insult me for what I'm saying, I don't care. I just want GOD to see me good. I'm untouchable with GOD. I fear nothing because I'm with GOD. If there was a gun on me, I wouldn't care. I would move. I would be protected by GOD. No weapons drawn agaisnt me shall prosper. Now time to turn up the heat. If you can't take it... back up.

You may love or hate George W. Bush. The thing is, now is the wrong time to go agaisnt him and to bash and insult him. Now we must deal with Iran and North Korea. We have maybe 8 thousand nuclear bombs. The Jews have 200 something. They will bomb em' when the time comes. But what I'm trying to get at is that the United States is in George's hands. There have been some prophesise (sorry about the spelling) about George Bush... and there all good... if we pray. So the main thing is:
Pray for your safety and your familys, pray for the country's safety, and pray for George Bush. Republican and Democrat and anything else all know that Bush isn't doing a very good job, but if we all pray and believe he will and I mean will turn around.
GOD bless "U" all!!!
Be here or be no where.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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