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Friday, July 14, 2006

What HE Did

A lot of people I think, would become Christians, or even closer to GOD if they knew what GOD did for them truly. HE gave HIS only SON. Yeah, so the SON died on a cross. Ever do any studying? The cross was the Romans worst, most painful and dead way of persucting someone. And the SON did nothing wrong but help people. Now, let me tell you a little science or facts or history or whatever about the cross. First of all, after getting beaten you got nailed to it. In the feet and wrists. Your sort of slumped, so to breath (just breath) you had to pull youself up. And when you pull yourself up, you tare all your flesh and anything else in your wrist. Very painful for not doing anything. Plus, since JESUS was JESUS, HE got much much more than that.

Now let's travel back a little. GOD was there, when nothing else was. HE created everything ever made. Including you and me. But before there was anything besides HIM, HE new everything about you, your future, everything about you. HE knew more about you then you know about you. HE loved you before you were even created. And guess what? Although everything you have done before, HE still loves you. Nothing you can ever say or do will ever change HIS love for you. That's special. I don't think your really cool inless you have GOD. You don't know cool inless you have GOD.

Just say with you mouth that GOD is the one and only GOD and believe that in your heart. Read the Bible and pray daily and when you are ready to preach. Preach for GOD! (look around the stuff on my blog to see more detail in this (supposely the continues. You'll know what I mean if you go down.) When you have GOD, you don't have to fear anything. You always have GOD with you and you are always save a smooth with your words. Your basicly on top of it all. You'll be going to Heaven with eternal joy. And if you don't recieve GOD- you'll be burning with sadness in hell.

If you have any questions, ask. GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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