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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tiny and Important

I have little things to preach throught this post. It would be to short if I seperated them, so I will just say em through here. First of all, in my studys I found out (if your doing something that invloves winning or losing or something like that you can make mistakes on) then don't complain about anything but confess and you will find victory. I may not have made that to clear, so just use your imagination with it and I'm sure you'll find victory in confessing and not complaining. You know what, I think I'll give you an example. If your playing tennis and you hit the net when you hit a serve, instead of complaining how bad of a serve it was, confess your mistake. Also I found out the power in crying out to GOD. If you ask HIM for a miracle and you cry out for a miracle, GOD will give you an instruction (every time) follow it and you have your miracle. I preach tons of stuff on my blog and I tell you to do tons of stuff that will help you. Well, A prophet suggest and you do! If your new hang around here and read and come back and even if your a different religeon, please read. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

(P.S I forgot something. Parents, kids are just being turned agaisnt GOD from the begining with all the stuff on TV and radio and other things. My advise is to share the word of GOD with em as often as you can. You say where to busy, he/she has camp, sports, partys, playdates. Cancel the stuff you can just to preach to them about how good GOD is. It's there eternity. There life. Forever.


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