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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Victory: The Only Option

This is sort of a test I use to preach to people, so just go along with it and answer the questions on the computer. Do you think your a good person? Do you know the ten commandments? Have you ever stold anything? Probably. Have you ever told a lie? I have. You see thoose are just 2 commandments and we already have sinned agaisnt em both. Now stealing a car is a sin right? And if you were in court, if you were being judged by a good judge, even if you were sorry, he would have to send you to jail. Now think of yourself being in jail and all of a sudden some strangers gives away everything he has and bails you out. That's what JESUS did for you. We all have sinned very much and since GOD is a good judge, HE has to send us to jail no matter what. But instead, in are darkest hour, JESUS came and bailed us out by dieing on the cross for are sins. Now let me talk about dieing on the cross. People just think HE died, oh well I'm going to sin again. Well, HE was tortured and beat, but let's get to the cross part. When you get nailed to the cross, the only way is to pull yourself up, which (if you don't know JESUS was nailed to the cross) tairs all the flesh and bone because of the nail. To get one breath. ull up - inhal. Sag. Pull up - inhale. That's very painful. And even though you sinned agaisnt HIM and did evil things torward HIM, HE stilled died on the cross for you. For your own eternity in Heaven or hell. Turn around now; JESUS loves you and you don't want to go to hell. Remember. When you a Christian a true JESUS following Christian and not some wannabe look alike Christian the Victory is the only option. GOD bless "U" all and have a good week and eternity!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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