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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NIP (Nothing in particular)

(Sorry. My pictures couldn't come up in this post, so just go to the website (read below) to see all of the pictures. Thanks.)

Well, I just have little to say. I have been touched by GOD so much just know. Go to www.artakiane.com , my new link. This girls 11 and she's beent alked to and visited by GOD every day since she was 4. I just read her interview. It's along story, but it's very very very touching. She makes awesome pictures.She's been a profishinal artist since 4 and a profesinal poetry... person since 7. GOD'S given her a vision of everything she makes. GOD even showed her what JESUS looked like when HE was younger. GOD'S been talking to me too lately. I have a lot to say. I've also gotten a few missions from GOD that I can't tell you about. Well, I'm going to post a ton of GOD posts, later, when I orginize my notes and have time. For know, I will tend to saving the few people GOD told me to save that I can't tell you about, get ready to make my new post from GOD, show you theese pictures, pray and read the Bible, and... put
www.artakiane.com on my links. Have a great summer! GOD bless "U" all!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

P.S. One is her self portrait. It's a cover of a a magazine for the Prophecy Club. Check out www.prophecyclub.com . Anyway, she didn't want to do a self portrait, but GOD told her to. She has pictures of GOD (I think I posted one) but the real up close ones are locked so I can't do anything with em'. Remember, she is 4-11 when she did/does theese. She has a 2nd book coming out. Go to her site ( www.artakiane.com ) for more info.

P.S.S Just in case I drew to much attention to her, GOD is the one who makes it all happen, makes it all fit together. If you trust in GOD that you can do anything through HIM and beat anyone that goes angaisnt you through HIM, you will make it. In JESUS name, amen . (That's how I win a lot of tennis matches.)


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