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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nintendo Character of the Month... Yoshi!!!

Last months NCM was DK. Go back to May under archives to read his info I posted for him. Now it's Yoshi's turn.

Yoshi's first aprearence was in Super Mario Island, the launch title for the SNES. Yoshi's next major appearence was Yoshi's Island, which took place when Mario was a baby. Kamek, stool Baby Luigi and acidentaly dropped Baby Mario in the woods of Yoshi's Island. Yoshi, taking a walk found the baby and decided to help him find his bro. After that, Yoshi starred in many more titles like Tetris Attack and Yoshi's Story and many many more. Yoshi also appeared in many Mario games (almost every one) and in other games too like Super Smash Bros. and some Zelda games. Yoshi's newest game is Yoshi's Island 2, where Yoshi, Baby DK, Baby Peach, and Baby Mario go to save all the school kids who where kidnapped. Yoshi's come in many many colors including green, red, blue, cyan, yellow, pink, orange, purple, brown, white, black, and gold. My personal favorite is the black one even though my favorite color is purple. Yoshi's love fruit, but they hate spicy things. Only the black and the white Yoshi's can eat spicy stuff.,. yeah. Yoshi's enemies (main) seem to be Bowser, Baby Bowser, and Kamek. Yoshi's also have the appility to turn anything into eggs (ammo) and can eat anything and I mean anything! They can also turn into vechicles. Yoshi's have very many friends, but it seems that one of there most best (and helpful) friend is Poochy, the dog. Yoshi's a very very very very very.,.,.,.,., VERY happy creature. For more info, vistit www.wikipedia.com and type in Yoshi @ the search box. Same with DK.

Hammer out.

RC Hammer


  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger Chinagirl411 said...

    Yoshi! Yay! Yoshi!


    PS: I'll be gone for a week and 2 days.

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