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Sunday, June 25, 2006

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If you got a chance to talk to GOD, what would you ask HIM? I would ask HIM what I could do to save a ton mo' people and what I could do to improve and be a better person. Comment and tell me what you would ask HIM. GOD may ask you why so many people are disobeying HIM. I would respond that it really depends. Some people just have a really bad life and do bad things because of their life and that some people are just afraid of the truth and/or some other things like that. What would you say. Comment and tell me. GOD bless "U"!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


  • At Tuesday, 27 June, 2006 , Blogger Chinagirl411 said...

    I would ask HIM to help the world be a better place. To have no wars. I would ask HIM that. Peace out.


  • At Tuesday, 27 June, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    You inspired a post. GOD just talked through you!!!
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger Island Girl said...

    I'm not too sure what I would ask him, I would for sure thank him for everything he has done for me starting with sending his son to be crucified on the cross to save my life. I would also thank him for the many blessings he has given me in my life, and all the hardships I have had to face as I know they were put there to make me a better person. I would also thank him for all the people in my life Christian and Non who I have had to opportunity and pleasure to spend time with on this earth. I would thank him for my mind and helping me to not be one of those Christian's who sit on a high horse and think they are better then non belivers, we are all the same in God's eyes, and I would thank him for that. I would thank him that I still may see my non-believer friend's in Heaven because he is gracious enough to give everyone more then one chance to believe. I would thank him for my parents and blessing ME with Them. I couldn't ask for a better pair. I would thank him for protecting me right from day one (I almost died when I was 2 years old, I truly believe it was the hand of God that saved me) I would thank him again for my mind and the free will he has imparted on all of us, although at sometimes can feel like a burdon. And lastly I would just thank him for loving me so unconditionaly that no matter who many times I screw up his arms are always open.

  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    I'm speechless for some reason. I don't know why. It seems GOD has really blessed you in live.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer


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