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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Help LORD, Won't YOU Come

When your a prophet, preaching to people, you see alot of weird, well not really weird, but messed up cases. Born and rased Christian are deneying the Bible to help themselves, Churches for GOD preaching for... other gods, Christians who know the differentence do the wrong things like see the da stupid code, and stuff like that. We need GOD more than ever now that it's the end times. I will give some examples/stories. Well, I have a friend. She's a little girl (not so little anymore) and 1 day, I asked her if she knew JESUS CHRIST. She said yes. Then the other day, I saw her do evil things, say evil things. I went and said "I thought you said you knew JESUS". She replied "I do". Then I told her not to use GOD'S Name in vein and that if she knew JESUS she should work for HIM and not dis HIM. She told me to stop talking about that. The next time I saw her I said "do you read the Bible". She said "no, I don't have one". I said "Do you or have you ever prayed?" She said no. I said "Why?". She said "Do you think my dad or mom ever prayed?" I said yeah (I'm gonna stop the quotation marks, gettin' anoying). She said: no they didn't. I said probably they did. She said: Do you think think your mom or dad ever prayed? Now she was messin' with the wrong Hammer. How left out of the light can you get? I said. Yes, my mom loves the LORD and my dad always prayed and he was talked to by GOD and my parents still always pray and so do I and GOD blesses us very much. She said: cool. I said: Do you want to go to Heaven? Guess what she said: no. I said: do you know were you will go if you don't go to Heaven? She said: no. I said a relly bad place. Then I told her to rememeber what I said. I then asked: Do you believe JESUS died on the cross for are sins? She then left. I'm not going to let her case go. Please, pray for her and pray that I can save her. Next time I see her, I'll er' where she's headed and ask her who told her about GOD and it will all go down hill there cuz GOD has impowered me and HE speaks through me with the right words.

Little intemision/Break.....

Don't take her wrong. She has had a terrible life. Almost as bad as... well, I don't know. Were very blest and should praise GOD were not in her shoes. Now for some mo' examples. @ Church,almost everyone I go to, they seem to always say are GOD is the same as bodua and allah. Well that's not true and anyone with a fully working head and a will should be able to prove that wrong... even if there not a Christian. Are GOD preaches agaisnt thia many many times and I can actually find verses in the Bible that prove that wrong. Ask me. I dare ya! Of course, I'll make you look it up. Mo' people have to get to the Bible. Like I said, born and raised Christians I know, have doubted GOD'S Word to even be true. I know some teachers who say that it's good to be homosexual and that they good people and stuff like that. These people are Christians and they work @ Christian schools. Umm excuse me but umm why was sodum and gommorah destroyed? Why was that lady turned into a pillar of salt? Homosexaualaty what do you think? I'm just sayin', people have to learn better. Parents teach your kids about GOD and gaurd em' and make sure they are believing the right thing. I dare ya to make me get a verse there too! Anybody: Preach the word of GOD and work for HIM so everyone can experience eternal joy. If you need help savin' someone, or just help alone, or questions, or comments, please coment. GOD bless "U" all!!!Hammer out.

RC Hammer


  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger Island Girl said...

    I'm not too sure where to start with this one. In regards to that little girl, I don't pitty her for a second, God is going to do something wonderful in her life, regardless of a bad life he will use that to do something wonderful in her life. I think instead of trying to scare her into Christianity you should tell her all the wonderful things God has done in your life, people don't want to be scared into beliving something, that will just push them away ezpecially if they are young and impressionable, or stubborn, I know in my own life if anyone TOLD me to belive in something I would have purposfully believed the opposite no matter who they are. Thankfully no one pushed any belif's on me and the Lord showed me his love and compassion on his own as he will do for everyone. We will know what to say and do at the right time if God is telling us to. we also have to accept that we can't save everyone, and maybe God is using someone else to get the message across to certain individuals. We don't know what God's plan is for this little girl but he has one, he knows her life inside and out, he knows what she needs at this point in time, and who she needs. In reading this blog you make it sound like you are better then her because you are born and raised Christian, I have to tell you I am shocked, I am also born and raised Christian but I know that I am not better then anyone at all, I sin and slander like everyone else, you can't say you don't. God made us sinners, it comes with the free will. We are all only human and I truly believe that God understnads this. God is not going to turn his back on us just because we took his name in vain, and it certainly does not mean that we are not serving him. We are human we slip, God gets that, after all he did create us.

    on the topic of "God" being the same as Alah and Buddah, I think you are missing the point, "God" can mean anything to anyone, whether it's buddah, alah, your fish tank, a tree, etc... it doesn't mean they are calling the Christian God the same as all the other God's. This one is hard to explain in writing. Someone explained this to me once and made a lot of sense but hard to convey it through a blog. No one in the world has a problem with "God" because that is just a term that can be used for anything that you believe in, everyone has their own version of God that they worship... this however doesn't mean anything, Jesus Christ can only mean one thing, he can not be lumped into a category with Alah and Buddah, etc... this is where the difference comes in. I apologize if this doesn't make sense I am having a hard time finding the write words to explain it, it also doesn't mean that I am write.

    I think a big part of being a Christian is having an open mind so that non believers can come and talk to you, no one wants to talk to someone when they know they are going to feel small. Please keep this in mind when you are talking to that little girl or anyone else. If you are not going to take me seriously because I am disagreeing with you then so be it, but please also remember that in order to do God's work you need to listen to what other people have to say even if they are disagreeing with you, or have no proof to back their thoughts up, you have to rememebr that to some people the bible is not proof at all just like you said evolution shows are not proof to you, everyone believes something different, we need to listen and talk with people on their thoughts, remember just because they don't have proof doesn't mean they are going to stop believing it.

  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Thank you. You helped me relieze someting. I am going to take you seriously because you really explained what you were saying about the girl. I think GOD just talked through you. I know have a new technique to save her. Have you ever heard that once you get to Heaven, you get a crown from GOD. And there are certain things that lead to certain crowns or maybe even a different award (I don't know.) Well, if I can save this girl, I believe that you will get a lot of credit. Thanks for helping me learn something.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

    PS: GOD bless "U"!

  • At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Oh, I almost forgot. I agree with you on basicly everything you told me about the girl, but I disagree with the thing about allah and bodua. You can't follow and worship them to get to Heaven. GOD is the only way. And if you worship allah and call him god, then that doen't mean you believe he's are GOD because the person follows him and... well, allahs just not god. allah is not even real. You can't follow and worship this god and say he's are GOD. That would be breaking the 1st commandment. You can't just live your life and expect to be merisied by GOD when the day comes and go to Heaven. GOD warns you before, and that's the same with all the musleums and stuff. Some day, they'll learn about GOD. And it will be there choice to except it and believe in HIM (not allah) and have eternal joy, or stay away from it. I mean it in the mosts of respect, I guess we just disagree on this one.
    Hammer out.

    Rc Hammer


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