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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why The World Needs GOD

What would you do if you did not believe or have GOD. That would mean nothing is wrong and you could break every rule. I would go crazy. I wouldn't do anything right and I would try to do more wrong stuff everyday. I would sin like crazy. Now the Bible says everyone, even HIS followers, have sinned. Now that doesn't mean Christians are evil hypocrites who tell people not to sin and then go of and sin. We try are best not sin... which keeps us in tact. If we didn't try not to sin, people would be running wild with no rules at all. That is why the world needs GOD. And you and anyone else can agree, Christian or not, that the world is a better place because of the GOD who keeps so many down to earth and trying there best not to sin, to make life easier for everyone. If your a Christian, praise GOD and be happy that HE'S there holding you down with HIS strong hand. Glorify HIM in all you do to show that your faithful and thankful to HIM. If your not a Christian, be happy the world is still going round and will always be. Even if you don't belive in GOD, no matter what, GOD will still be there for other people and HE will still just be a thought for you.
Now, glory be GOD'S name, victory is in the name of the LORD, HE'S more than the enemy, can I get a witness here!!! Praise GOD and
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

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