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Friday, October 27, 2006


I can't believe I skipped through Septemeber! Sorry, everyone I took so long to post again. I went through some really busy times... then my computer broke down. I just got a new one. Now this blog has had it's ups and downs, those who agree and disagree with me have all been hear and have been having a conversation (and arguement) but right in the middle it all stopped, everything shut down (sorry, a bit confusing.) Now you can call it what you want but I'll call it how I see it. I see that GOD shut me down to reconize a few things, which I cannot list all but I did get Arelas' point. I was getting a bit confusing with all the jibba jabba I said. I intended well and most people understood but I'm not looking for most, I'm looking for all. So I'm gonna fix that up. There is much more I will be working on but I cannot promise perfect setting of this blog, but I will try my best with my posts, response, answers, questions, quotes, spelling, and anything more in that topic. That's basicly what I do. I try my very best because it pleases GOD and shows HIS awesome greatness. I don't care about popularity or getting my way or anything, I just do my best for GOD. No matter what, HE'll win, so I like to work for the winner and with that I try my best. Check out Proverbs 16:3 on the way out. Thank you. Oh, I had alot more posts but I didn't do to well remembering em, so I will just post from the heart. If anyone needs me to make this clearer for em, say the word, if anyone has any questions, comments, or complaints, I'm on it. You just turned into a non commercial break if it works out allright with GOD'S will.
Praise GOD!
!Alabar Dios!
Glory to the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT!
HE reighns!
!Hola Pepino Suave and all my hommys! I'm back!
Hammer out!!!!!!

RC Hammer


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