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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Basics

Well, I decided to just go to the basics of preaching, where it all comes together, the most important part that makes a Christian a Christian. You probably already know it, but I'm going to look into it deeper. GOD loves you.

Well, everyones know's that. HE sent HIS SON, HE blesses you and gives you all your good things everday, and HE loves everyone even non Christians so HE blesses everyone and so on. Well, I think everyone of every religeon knows that even if they believe it or don't. Don't you argee that that stament holds up Chritianity? I mean, if HE didn't love us, what would be the point of Christianity? What would be the point of life? HE could of just desroyed us all when we sinned but HE came and died on the cross for us even though we sin agaisnt HIM everyday. We are so terrible and we always do bad but JESUS doesn't seem to care. HE died for us so we could turn around. And even Christians don't appreiciat that. Everyone just keeps on sinning, keeps on doing evil before the eyes of the LORD, even though they actually know what HE did. GOD must be mad at what we do. We always sin agaisnt HIM when HE gave us life and died for us. I can't believe HE just doesn't destroy the whole earth.

But there's more. Every little thing we do good and get that's good is from GOD. If we didn't have GOD with us every day, think what would happen. Nothing good would happen to us. We would be complete failures. And we do terrible stuff to GOD like I said before, but GOD doesn't stop blessing us. HE even blesses the ungodly; Do they deserve it? No. Does anyone deserev it? No! Not even Christians.

So, you know what I say? HE made us have a chance to deserve it. So let's do are best to deserve it. We always commment evil. Everyday. Well, try your best to slow it down. Pray. Read the Bible. Mention GOD'S holy name at least once a day. Preach. There's so many more things that you can think of! Come on, let's deserve it. Let's boycott hell and overflow heaven. Come on people! We know GOD loves us even though we are always doing things agaisnt HIM! Well, GOD always does for us, so I say we show GOD that we love HIM above everything! Come on! You know what to do!

Well, I hope you got my message and you will try to obbey it. It is really hard to end this when I get into it so much. I understand now, that I used to be preaching, but then I did something different. Well now, I have good news. I'm getting back on track! Praise GOD!!!
Well, I hope everyone has a very good eternity and GOD bless "U" all!!!
!!!Alabar DIOS!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer


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