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Saturday, November 04, 2006

True Salvation Through JESUS CHRIST

This is going to be hard to post so please hang with me.
Many people say that you must do works to get to heaven. They say you do works to add up you "salvation points." Well, the Bible says everyone has sinned. It also says no one will pass through the gates of heaven if they have sinned. Pretty narrow road, huh? Well, back then, if you sinned, you needed to make a sacrafice. The sacrafice hadded to be a pure animal, a clean animal. If you made a sacrafice, GOD would look and see you clean and won't see any sin or remember any of your sin. Well, when JESUS died on the cross, HE was the Lamb of GOD. HE was the most pure thing ever. And HIS blood was shed. We was the ultimate sacrafice for are sins. Now that JESUS did that, let's talk about are salvation. You can't build it up with acts. The Bible says the only way to be forgiven and to see heaven is through JESUS CHRIST, the ultimate sacrafice. Now, JESUS did HIS part for dying. HE is are salvation. We just have to accept it. We must confess with are mouth that JESUS was the ultimate sacrafice and HE died and was raised again. It's are choice to accept salvation. What did you choose? Now, since we love JESUS, we probably do many good things for HIM and try are best not to sin. That's good. Keep doing that. I'm just trying to tell you that the way to heaven is not weighing down the bad stuff with good. It's through accepting JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

Thank you for visiting my blog and listening. If you want the Bible passages I used in this message they are Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23. Please contact me and notify me if I made a mistake with these passages. Also, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to ask. Thank you and GOD bless you.
Praise GOD!
Hang on!
and Hammer out.

RC Hammer


  • At Saturday, 04 November, 2006 , Blogger Jennifer Olwin said...

    Hey, RC, thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope everything is going well for you. It's been a long time and we definitely had an interesting conversation going for awhile there... I think you're the only private blog I've ever seen break 100 comments ;)

    Thanks again! Come by anytime.

    Love, Jennifer

  • At Sunday, 05 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Yeah, I never thought that conversation would go over 20 when we first started. I'm going to try to stop by your blog every chance I get. Oh, Cars is a pretty good movie... I'm not sure if you'll like it though. Well, I hope things are going well for you too!
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Monday, 06 November, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for visiting SlantRight. Your blog from what I have appears like some I'd visit often.


  • At Monday, 06 November, 2006 , Blogger Chinagirl411 said...


  • At Tuesday, 07 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Yeah, your blog is sweet to TheWay25K.

    Oh, ChinaGirl, tell what?
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Wednesday, 08 November, 2006 , Blogger Chinagirl411 said...

    Tell me if you like it of course. I need 2 know what u want 2 tell me.


  • At Wednesday, 08 November, 2006 , Blogger Dcaf said...

    hi RC well i dont have much to say except i saw this girl on club penguin say its a holiday song search!?!?!? when i tried to ask her where it was from she ran away... weird

    well pce out

  • At Wednesday, 08 November, 2006 , Blogger Dcaf said...

    oh and sweet post

  • At Thursday, 09 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    Yeah, that's weird. I bet it is someone else Mr.s Berely teaches, DCaf.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Thursday, 09 November, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    RC Hammer is always welcome at SlantRight.

    Thanks for the visit.

  • At Friday, 10 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    I've wanted this blog to place where all of GOD'S true followers could stop and talk among there own kind. They could get a few words from the Bible and then go and try to save some more peoples souls. I came upon an expert at the Roman Catholic faith and I invited him. Not here yet. I even invited an Athiest. No show... probably afraid of me. But, The Way K came here! And that's good, because we need more RIGHT Christians... if you know what I mean. Thanks Way2K.
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Saturday, 11 November, 2006 , Blogger Dcaf said...

    Rc have u ever commented MC hammer? u should thatd be awesome

  • At Saturday, 11 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    I have. Have you, DCaf?
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer

  • At Saturday, 11 November, 2006 , Blogger Alfred Kuchinski said...

    Dear RC Hammer:
    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog site "CATHOLIC ADVICE"
    I started the site originally for Catholics but any person is welcome.
    It must be understood that the Catholic Church of Rome (Roman Catholic) is only one branch of Catholicism.
    There are Greek Orthodox Catholics, Russian Orthodox Catholics, Byzantine Catholics, Jerusalem Catholics, Antioch Catholics, Polisn National Catholics plus many more.
    I hope you and all your Christian brothers and sisters stop by.
    Blessings: Alfred Kuchinski

  • At Sunday, 12 November, 2006 , Blogger Dcaf said...

    no i havent :( i might tho :)!!

  • At Sunday, 12 November, 2006 , Blogger RCHAMMER said...

    I didn't know that there were all those Catholics. How do you tell them apart?
    Hammer out.

    RC Hammer


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