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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mr. Prepared, MiniBonham, and RC Hammer V.S. The Big Bad Wolf!

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I went over to MiniBonhams house with Mr. Prepared to have a water baloon/squirt gun fight. After brawling people with water baloons and squirt guns, we decided to team up on the Big Bad Wolf. We went over to see if Crazy Legs would help us defeat the giant beast. No answer. The Big Bad Wolf most have ate him! Not Crazy Legs!!! Now it was war! We charged over to the Big Bad Wolf to see him eating a cherry popcycle doing no harm... But maybe his army of flying whales and stainless-steal furbies were eyeing us, water gun in hand? We decided to leave it up to MiniBonham being younger brother of the wolf, who new his moves the best. I gave Mini my new squirt gun to brawl the hoffin' puffin' wolf down. He set of! Oh no! I forgot to fill up his ammo tank! It was to late now, no stoppin him. MiniBonham ran back with big news! The Big Bad Wolf had went to go get the garbage... um... 1,000,000 miles away! The city is saved! Praise GOD!!!............................................................
Maybe some stories should not be recorded. Oh well. Some of it was true.
GOD bless "U" all!!! Praise GOD!!!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

PS: Tune in later to here the meaning of life and a ton of new hot Bob la Gorrila info you can't get any where else. What will you see? Character bios, story lines, inspirations, descriptions of all the comics, plus secret info about the new Bob la Gorrila 7 and 8 and my secret plans for the new episodes. Bob la Gorrila media is sweeping the nations. If your not on board, your gonna miss the train. Oh, my first secret revealed about the new episodes is: I will be hiring someone, maybe SC Hammer to help me with the comic. Whoever will be hired are gonna get credit in the comic and the full deal. If you would like to see comics 1-6, look around on www.pepinosuave.blogspot.com. You can't get the info I'm gonna reveal any where else! See ya!

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